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Blogs, a new tool for marketing

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  1. The international approach of L'Oreal
    1. Figures
    2. The activities and product groups
    3. Competition
    4. Research and Innovation: At the forefront of technological development
    5. Communication Policy
    6. Managing the cultural diversity of human resources
    7. The international dynamics and tools for growth
  2. Development of L'OREAL in the Chinese market
    1. The implementation of L'OREAL in China
    2. Strategy for market penetration through acquisitions
    3. Marketing Strategy
    4. Human Resources Management Group in China
    5. Developing new products

In recent years, blogs or virtual diaries that are updated very frequently have become a real phenomenon. They are becoming one of the common means of expression used by many users. Such success has triggered the interests of advertisers, who multiplied the ways to use blogs as a tool of communication: advertising medium, a communication product or an institutional crisis communications relay, loyalty medium, instrument of monitoring and so on. A blog can take many facets, thus, gradually making it essential for on-line advertising strategy.

The term "blog" is derived from the two words, "web" (the Web, Internet) and "log" (identify). A blog is basically a virtual diary, consisting of articles or comments posted by an author about topics that may be very different, like stories from personal experience , descriptions of trips, news commentary , description of recipes or collection of articles around a specific theme.

Blogs emerged around 2002, through the development of free online services that enabled users to manage non-technical real diaries online. Blogs are indeed often hosted sites specializing in free hosting (Lycos, Overblog, U-blog, BlogHotel, Oldiblog) which have models ready to be completed only by the publisher of the blog.Blogs can of course also be hosted by personal means, for people who have more technical skills.

While the majority of blogs written by ordinary Internet users do still face a confidential hearing, some blogs have attracted thousands of readers with quality about them. Some have even been able, through their content or format, retaining Internet users around very well written stories (one can think of the success of blogs like the one that told the story of a seducer, who has even come to be squarely published in book form).

The incredible success of blogs, has become an essential tool on the net in just a few years, a rapid course interested advertisers, always on the lookout for new communications media. In a society of over-communication such as our, it is becoming essential for advertisers to find new materials, most original, able to resurrect the attention of consumers.

In this context, blogs have quickly emerged as an ideal, collaborative,simple and very flexible method, which may take a multifaceted communication strategy online. Whether as a private carrier, or as a tool in its own right, it may intervene to supplement other tools to improve the communication of a brand or product or service.

Thousands of global organizations have already launched the phenomenon of blogs around the world. In France, business bloggers are increasing, especially in recent months, mostly from famous brands (hygiene and cosmetics, film and music, clothing) and international companies that still appear as pioneers. Yet the phenomenon is gradually taken over by smaller structures, or by professional associations.

Blogs appear as a tool in the strategies of on-line advertisers as its simplicity makes it an economic tool, since it only requires a limited investment early in the season, to create the blog,and then followed with a single person to update the blog. The only investment needed is an investment in accommodation, creation and a human investment, so that the blog is updated regularly, and the comments left by users are monitored. The blog remains a relatively economical tool compared to more traditional tools.

Tags: Blogs, tool for communication, on-line advertising

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