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Business Tourism: Theories and Economic Values

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  1. The origin of the business tourism concept
  2. The three main segments of the business tourism market
    1. Exhibitions and trade shows
    2. Congresses
    3. Corporate events (convention, seminar, incentive)
  3. How do customers make their choice?
    1. To travel: a human natural need
    2. The decision process

A congress at the seaside, a trade show in a historical monument building, a meeting close to a golf course, a party in a prestigious Parisian night club, a seminar in a ski resort, many different possibilities are open to motivate, to train or to boost a team. According to the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau - the PCVB - (2008: 30), a tourist is "a visitor spending at least one night and no more than one year in collective or private accommodation other than his or her usual environment". Therefore, tourism includes "the whole activities developed by tourists during their trips outside their accustomed environment" adds Loridon (2006: 2). According to Plasait (2007: 9), putting together the two words "tourism" and "business" could initially appear inappropriate. The first one refers to holidays, leisure, relaxation, recreation; whereas the second one mentions a different reality: business, wealth and job creations. Nevertheless, these two words have some common points because both of them refer to a need (travelling) and the choice of the same services of transportation, accommodation, catering. What makes the difference is the objective of the trip: leisure or professional.

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