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Caroll and China (Is China a good potential market target to set up a French company as Caroll?)

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  1. China
    1. China: More than a country, a continent
    2. China: A multicultural nation
    3. China:Ten years after Ding Xiaoping's death
    4. The Chinese woman: very modern and independent
  2. Caroll
    1. Positionning of the French brands in China
    2. Caroll
    3. The main players of the Caroll's challenge

China is one of the biggest countries in terms of territory (9.6 million km²), boundaries (22,000 km) and with respect to population (1.3 billion inhabitants). Moreover, the economic growth of this country is now close to 10%. Every business eye on earth is focusing on the emerging Chinese market and tries to sort out what strategy to adopt in order to gain some market shares. The "ready to wear" business is in a very good position as Chinese women, as all other women in the world, are very interested in their exterior appearance. This raises the issue concerning purchasing power of the people in China. It is a surprising fact that China is the birthplace of poverty. However, the problem of poverty has been alleviated by the significant increase in the economic growth and a distinct division of classes that gives the illusion of an overall rich population. However, an aspect of concern is if China is a good potential market target to set up a French company. The executive summary accounts for the conclusion and the answer to this question. The first chapter presents China, its culture and the life style of its population. In the second chapter, an analysis of the Caroll, the market and its main players is drawn out.

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