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Caroll strategy marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. The chinese market audit
    1. Chinese clothing market & Chinese middle class
    2. SLEPT Analysis
    3. Porter's Five Forces
  3. Understand caroll company through marketing strategic position
    1. Marketing mix 7 P
    2. Value Chain
    3. Market positioning & target definition
    4. Boston matrix & ansoff matrix
  4. Choosing a Strategic Marketing Plan
    1. SWOT
    2. Marketing mix
    3. Values strategy
  5. Recommendations
  6. Conclusion

Caroll is a French fashion house, which was created in 1963. Its headquarters are located in Paris. In the beginning, creators had a free, sensual, beautiful woman in mind, to design the first clothing collection.

The firm offers a large range of products like coats, dresses, jackets, pants, pullovers, blouses and accessories like bags, shoes and jewels. The first outlet was opened in Paris. Then, Caroll launched a young and dynamic ?ready to wear? products line in the eighties. Today the firm employs 1118 people in 274 French stores and 123 stores in the rest of the world. Since 1988 the company has been a subsidiary of Vivarte Group.

Vivarte is one of the first European retailers of shoes and clothes through brands like André, Besson, Chaussland, la Halle aux chaussures for shoes and Kookaï, Liberto and Caroll for clothes. Caroll has been recognized and appreciated by women for over 40 years, and is particularly known for its quality and style. During the expansion of the brand, Caroll became ?Caroll Paris? in 1994. This new name allowed Caroll to tackle new markets outside the French market. Today, the company is established in Belgium, Dubai, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia.

In today's economic environment, companies are realizing that in order to grow, they have to expend overseas. It is the reason why the company wants to orient its strategy towards international development. In this same objective, during the last years, the company generalized luxury through the improvement of products' quality, services, design, and stores organization in order to make customer loyal.

[...] Then, we will try to understand Caroll company through its marketing strategic positioning. The objective of this second part is to show how Caroll enhances positive and negative aspects into the company. Finally in the third part, we will summarize these internal and external analyses through a SWOT model in order to enhance a real strategic marketing plan to tackle Chinese market. I-The Chinese Market Audit China is a very large market with 1.3 billion of people. The economy of the country grew up each year more and more. [...]

[...] In fact, Caroll have to launch stores in the cities offering the higher opportunities. Moreover, because of the lake of experience in China, Caroll could choose to open just few trial shops in order to test the market reaction. Like in other countries, Caroll could use franchises system to set up rapidly helping by a local know-how. * People: I think the brand has to hire local people on two key positions: sellers and fashion designers. Indeed, sellers are in first position to talk about the brand with customers. [...]

[...] Understand Caroll Company through marketing strategic position In this second part, we will proceed to an internal analysis in order to understand the actual marketing strategic position of Caroll Company Marketing Mix 7 P * Price Caroll has a large price range of products even if the company has just decided to proceed brand repositioning. It means that the price can target upper middle class and upper class. Product Brand offers a large range of woman clothing and accessories. The core idea of the Caroll product strategy is to apply luxury codes to distribution. [...]

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