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Characteristics of Asian customers

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the market in terms of the offer
    1. Sector definition
    2. Supply structure
    3. Evolution of the size of the sector
    4. Segmentation
    5. Price evolution
  3. Competition
  4. Distribution
    1. Direct distribution
    2. Indirect distribution
  5. Demand quality
    1. Consumers
    2. Prescribers
  6. Macro environment
    1. Sociocultural factors
    2. French legislation on eco-tourism
    3. Economic factors
  7. SWOT

Asian clients represent a growing market share in the European and French hospitality industry. In the Asian population, the example of China is high and their standard of living continues to improve. The Parisian hotelier must understand the expectations of this new customer segment.

Their needs are different than those previously satisfied by customers in the West. It is important to attract these customers through art de vivre and the romantic Parisian French modes. In addition, Paris is often the culmination of European tour, thus offering opportunities for business.

Hotel Long Champ Elysees chain is a 3 star hotel. It is located in Paris' 15th district near the Place du Trocadero and its gardens. It is in a contemporary style combining the tranquility, comfort and discretion that the rooms are presented.

The cell room features a mini-bar, air conditioning, LCD flat screen TV, cable channels, Canal +, hair dryer and broadband internet. The salons also preserve the privacy and comfort of the client; they have the essentials for a holiday or business travel. This hotel comprises a total of 63 rooms. It has an annual occupancy rate of 72%. Based on previous studies of segmentation, customer is divided between a business and tourist clientele of mainly European descent. The average revenue per room is about 200 euros. High season is the summer course. The hotel fills the lean months of winter with a business clientele by offering more attractive prices through a policy of yield management.

Each year, France has about 60 million foreign tourists. Among the latter, Asian clients is increasing. In 2003, the population of Asia is 3.7 billion. That same year, Koreans and Indians have made about 45 million international trips. The Asian market is divided across 3 countries:
China is booming; its population in 2003 was 1,283 billion; they made 20 million trips abroad; Japan tourism is falling; its population amounted to 1272 million; in 2003, there were 13 million to travel and have traveled outside, a decrease of 19.5%; the South East Asia (Korea) or 47 million people; this clientele is growing.

Asian customers have different habits and particular in relation to the Western clientele. These are reflected through several levels. On the one hand, Asians are enjoying a calm organization and cleanliness. Habits associated with the housing result in twins, the presence of extra pillows and blankets. On the health front, they appreciate the presence of a bath and hot water. A toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and a bathrobe are welcome. In the equipment room of the cell, the customer claims the Asian beverage distribution (preferably hot), some packets of biscuits or another and obviously the international channels on TV.

In 2003, there was an estimated 400000 tourists from China who visited Paris. According to several observers, the figure announced a rush of Chinese tourism to the countries of the European Union for the next 20 years. Thus, China will surpass Britain and became the fourth economy in the world. 2,225 trillion dollars, the total output of China also exceeds that of France, which amounted to 2000 billion.

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