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Chocolate Bar Industry

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  1. Short description of the industry
  2. Overview of the adverts chosen
  3. Segmentation Targeting and positioning
    1. Segmentation
    2. Targeting
    3. Positioning
  4. Consumer buyer behavior
  5. Promotion
  6. Communication Strategy
  7. Pricing
  8. Product
  9. Place
  10. Strategy

This report focuses on the chocolate bar industry. Products are tangible and their core element is the chocolate itself, the formal element is the brand and the augmented product could be the guarantee of complying with health and safety regulations. Dominant companies in the chocolate confectionery market are the ones that target every segment of it. The chocolate bar market can be divided into three segments: men, using adverts with masculinity such as Yorkie and Snickers; women using adverts with escapism and sexual allusions Bounty, Flake, and Twirl. Finally, a segment which includes everyone, using a mass marketing strategy with humorous adverts such as Kit Kat and Mars. The selected adverts appeal to the segment they target. It is important for the companies to analyze the possible interpretations corresponding to their adverts.

[...] Another reason for not including the price will be because of the nature of the product, i.e. chocolate bars. Indeed, one assumes that they are reasonably cheap. The two main pricing strategies used by these companies in this industry: The most common one is market penetration. Chocolate bar makers will want to increase their sales within an existing market, they will therefore need to use more aggressive marketing techniques (Appendix 5). Promotional pricing is other pricing strategy used to reinforce existing chocolate bars, one get one free? for example. IX. [...]

[...] A chocolate bar will fulfil that need. However, this image is very strong. It is violent in order to appeal to male customers. It has to do with men's hunger equal to animal's ones. Thus it reinforces the idea that a man needs to eat food that will satisfy his hunger and not because it is healthy or good for you. It would encourage men to be even hungrier when watching this picture. The deliberate violence in this advert has an aim to strike people in order for them to remember the brand. [...]

[...] Overview of the adverts chosen The chocolate bar industry uses mass media, thus more TV ads have been chosen for this report than paper ones. A broad selection of brands is shown through the report; Twisted for Halloween's occasion, Shaws for its failure in advertising, Bounty and Flake for their advertising come back, Mars and Kit Kat for their humoristic adverts, Snickers and Yorkie for their masculinity, Kinder Bueno for its sexual hint It might be interesting to point out related adverts to this industry; Lynx for chocolate's sexual attraction and Cadbury which raises child abuse awareness. [...]

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