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Codes of the behaviors in the various European countries

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the market in terms of the offer
    1. Sector definition
    2. Supply structure
    3. Evolution of the size of the sector
    4. Segmentation
    5. Price evolution
  3. Competition
  4. Distribution
    1. Direct distribution
    2. Indirect distribution
  5. Demand quality
    1. Consumers
    2. Prescribers
  6. Macro environment
    1. Sociocultural factors
    2. French legislation on eco-tourism
    3. Economic factors
  7. SWOT

The European Union is rapidly expanding. There are multiple studies on the lifestyles in different countries in Europe and the scope for a possible harmonization. Each lifestyle has induced behavioral codes that are different to each European country. This project addresses these different behaviors and wealth vis-à-vis the quality of life.

By behavior, one means ways of being and acting directly visible to a third party. The typical behavior of a country reflects the mindset of its inhabitants. In this way, they are excellent indicators of the quality of life of a country. The goal of this EAP is precisely to focus on what makes the quality of life in the countries of Europe.

This topic, therefore, captures the quality of a human being, which refers to the notion of respect for others and communication. Behavioral change is very difficult. Therefore, it will focus in priority to offer good practices for France.

Faced with this large subject, it will target two priority areas: Health and Safety. At first, an analysis of behavior regarding safety and health is made and In the second step, a brief summary of all the good practices identified during the research. Finally, it will explain the approach that was followed and a crticial analysis of the work done.

For self-medication is defined as "willingness to take responsibility for their own health." Unlike the meaning given to self-medication in France, in most European countries this term refers to the situation to treat with a certain class of drugs.

Indeed self-medication drugs are availablewithout a prescription, but under the advice of pharmacists. They treat minor illnesses whose symptoms are known and do not necessarily require a doctor's visit. These drugs have long been on the market. They have few side effects and interfere little with other treatments.

This market has the advantage of self-medication to avoid the doctor's visit and at the same time save the cost of the visit. This practice could be a solution to the problems of health care costs.

The economic factor would then be a major obstacle to this practice. Medication prescribed by a physician are reimbursed, those of self-medication are not, they are even for the most part, more expensive than prescription drugs provided. An information campaign for reformand self-medication drugs may encourage the French to buy more and to follow the English example in the context of reducing drug costs but also reduce the costs of doctor consultations.

Develop the self-medication market in France remains utopian if these drugs remain at the price they are now. The health system is very efficient in terms of support.
The French have become accustomed to be reimbursed medicines and medical expenses resulting in disempowerment of each. To reduce health spending, it seems important that everyone takes responsibility and adopt the resulting behavior, in other words,become aware of their health costs. Like generic drugs, self-medication is fully in these developments and deserves to be studied.

Food is one of many factors contributing to the quality or not quality of life. Eating habits are a good indicator of health in every European country and the quality of life of its inhabitants. Many studies in recent years show a general trend in food habits across Europe. In fact, obesity seems to move and all adverse health consequences inherent in this problem.

Tags: Behaviour codes in European countries, health and safety, medication and good diet practices

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