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Competitive Analysis of Diet coke, Orangina and Red Bull

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  1. Introduction
  2. Competitive Analysis: Diet coke
  3. Competitive Analysis: Orangina
  4. Competitive Analysis: Red Bull
  5. Conclusion

In November 2009, the Japanese group Suntory bought Orangina-Schweppes. Founded in 1899, Suntory was the pioneer in whisky manufacturing in Japan. Throughout the years, it built up an international recognition. Soft drinks and food goods enabled it to become a diversified drink and food manufacturer. Orangina is a sparkling fruit drink with a bottle that has become a world famous icon. Orangina is at the third place in the soft drink market.

Two or three key features of the product or service: Orangina is available with different flavors which are represented by different characters. The shaking concept provides all the fun of a soft drink in a healthier way. The brand uses different raw materials such as plastic, cans or glass, and also offers different volumes such as family pack or takes away bottle. The beverage is pulpy, juicy and zesty.

Estimated age and gender of the target audience:
They target in general the young people and the characters they use target more precisely a gender. For example the chameleon targets young boys from 15 to 20 years old; the bear targets athletes from 20 to 35 years old; they don't target women who have children, etc

[...] - IN THE STREET: ORANGINA PROPOSES TASTINGS OF MINI CANS, TAKE PICTURE OF CONSUMERS, GIVE GOODIES, CARS WITH ORANGINA COLORS, DISPLAY, THEY DISTRIBUTE STICKERS - Television : With the campaign ?naturally juicy? and all the characters - Magazines: For example Orangina was the sponsor of the Men's Handball French team, Orangina did a press campaign around the event. In the sports daily newspaper L'Equipe, we could find a full page signed Orangina with a triumphant rooster wearing the blue jersey, one leg on an ice cube. [...]

[...] the last campaign on goodies/#/77/adv ertise/ - In malls : with an interactive billboard 3c&feature=player embedded - In the street: Give free samples (direct marketing), Billboards, Flyers with Promotion, Bus stop - On the Internet: Social network such as Facebook, on the site web, Games such as, Mailing - Cinema : Before the beginning of the film (eg : partnership with the movie avatar) - On Stores : with promotions Magazines: Fashion magazines for modern women (eg Grazia ) what are the strengths and weaknesses of their advertising + BOTTLE WITH SPECIAL DESIGN (SONIA The men are not really targeted ; RYKIEL, LAGERFELD Should advertise on the different Insist on the sugar free ; flavors ; Use interactive communication ; There is not enough direct Notoriety of the brand ; marketing ; Brand's image ; Target clearly identified ; Site web Competitive Analysis Name of product: Orangina PARENT COMPANY (IF KNOWN) IN NOVEMBER 2009, THE JAPANESE GROUP SUNTORY BOUGHT ORANGINA-SCHWEPPES. [...]

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