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Consumer behavior : Dove vs Palmolive

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  1. Comparing and contrasting the two different advertisements and the brands themselves.
    1. Dove.
    2. Palmolive.
  2. The techniques employed by the marketers to project those images.
    1. Needs and motivation.
    2. Personality.
    3. Perception .
    4. Learning.
    5. Attitude.
  3. Assess the positioning strategy of both brand with reference to segmentation and the assumed target market.
    1. Identification of the brands.
    2. Differentiation of the brands.
    3. Positioning.
  4. The success of the adverts in terms of communications strategy, media strategy and message strategy.
    1. Palmolive.
    2. Dove.
  5. Appendix.
  6. References.

The advertisement shows eleven women just with their underwear. The colors of the picture permit to remind the flask of the shower gel (S.G) which is white and blue. The white color is reminded with the background of the picture and the underwear. The blue color is reminded with the website which figure on the back of the advertisement. The website permits to the consumers to go to the Internet to see the different products of this brand. This advertising just shows three products. All The women who figure on the advertising are different. They come from different countries and all have not got the same body but any of them have got the ideal body. These women are not models. They are authentic. They have not complex of their body. They look like happy to be photographed. This brand wants to encourage women to celebrate themselves as they are. Dove does not apply the code beauty traditional of the advertisement.

[...] Dove is concentrated on the care whereas Palmolive is more centred on the fun with its very colored packaging. It is more concentrated on personalities. However, the consumer contents himself not only these attractive flasks; Palmolive wants to surprise the consumer with its new products. The personal hygiene is a part of the image and the women are more and more worried about their appearance. The fact of being looked after is more and more important. Although the ads are very different, both are focus on positive motivation. [...]

[...] Palmolive use olive and it is tendency be seen as ?vintage?. The symbol is a sign that is related to a product through purely conventional associations. The name of the brand is a metaphor for Dove. It is a bird. Customers may interpret it as: Use Dove is to be on peace with your body. The ads are distinctive. Consumers interpreted the ad as the way they perceived it. From a semiotic perspective, the marketing message has three basic components: Exposure is the degree to which people notice a stimulus that is within range of their sensory receptors. [...]

[...] This advertising wants to present the new product of Palmolive witch is a shower gel with an olive perfume. Different elements permit to remind the perfume and the flask of the S.G: The colour of the background and the image of olives. This advertisement shows others different S.G of the brand on the top of the picture. Next to these products it is writing: Superbrand. A Superbrand is an international organisation witch is independent and based in Great Britain. It is specialized in the promotion of the Brands. [...]

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