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Consumer Behavior: Furniture’s purchase

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  1. Introduction
  2. The furnishings according to scientific research
  3. A research method about the consumer behavior of furniture's purchase
  4. Study Case
    1. IKEA
    2. SCHOCH
  5. Conclusion

Nowadays, more people are interested in Furnish and design their home. There are a lot of specialized magazines and TV Shows. For instance, in Western Switzerland, around 15% of the population watches the French program ?D&CO? by M6 channel. We can also note that in the German part of Switzerland they there are also a similar programs which is called ?Tapetenwechsel ?Das grosse Zuglen? (change of scenery ? the big ziigler). Schweizer Fernsehen channel created a partnership with IKEA on demand of the people who watched the program. Indeed, the watchers were really interested in the IKEA's product as with can see with the graphic below. It highlights the increasing of the demand in the furniture's purchase. Thus, for the project group where we have to analyze the consumer behavior in a purchase's situation, we decided to base on this trend. By the way to understand the consumer in this buying's situation, we will have to analyze different points about it and the others factors can influence his behavior as the physical environment, the social environment, the time perspective and the previous states specific to the individual.

[...] This is the affective dimension which will influence the purchase of any product or not. Now that we have seen consumer behavior alone in its approach, it seems interesting to analyze the elements and external stimuli that influence it External elements which influence the consumer behavior The first thing obvious is the influence of the environment in the way of buying. Over 75% of people admit to having been influenced. We noted two major types of influences: The indirect influence: For example the consumer goes to a friend who owns IKEA furniture, and he decided to go to IKEA because he likes the style well. [...]

[...] Then, our research method about the consumer behavior of furniture's purchase consists to analyze and observe in these following steps some consumers who are going in furniture's' store: -The time consumers stay in the store -The time they stay in front of the products -The number of the products they buy -An average of the amount -With whom they are -The age, the sex -If consumer buy just one type of product or if it's for all a special room -The way that the product are placed -Analyze of the store's plan To complete these observations that represent a huge part of the research method, some questions have to be asking to the consumer for have a better view and comprehension about the consumer behavior. [...]

[...] In the way to know and understand the consumer behavior in furniture's purchase there are lots of things to observe and analyze. Indeed, the process of buying's decision in the furniture is really complex in the meaning that it's often irrational and the purchases relive about personals choices that are hard to explain. Thus, plenty of criteria have to be highlight such as the family situation, the sex, the age, the lifestyle and the social class of the consumer. Moreover, others factors can influence the consumer behavior like advertisings, groups (friends, artists, celebrities newspapers We can see too that the stores play an important role about the behavior, for outlet (store's instance, the manner the products are placed inside the plan). [...]

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