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Consumer behaviour in Sweden

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  1. Analyze the macro consumer picture
  2. Analyze the micro consumer picture
  3. From the ''consumer looking out'' perspective, how would you use such factors as motivation, exposure, knowledge, attitude formation, problem recognition, judgment and decision making, etc.?
  4. From the ''marketer looking in'' perspective, what information and techniques would you tell or instruct your sales force / advertising agency / store designer / marketing team / public relations agency / etc. in order to improve sales or increase usage ?

The product I was entrusted with the responsibility for marketing was a deodorant, created especially for women who have sensitive skin and for use after depilation. Since it is a new product, we need to identify a target market, and the different requirements. The target country is Sweden, located in the North of Europe. There are 9 million inhabitants, with an equal repartition between men and women. The Swedish market for deodorants saw a substantial growth in 2007, due to an increase in wages. The main actors are great multinationals, like Beiersdorf and L'Oreal for example. Prices were quite high, but the tax on luxury products is not high.

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