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Consumption, production and promotion of French and foreign wines through the world

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  1. Differences of consumption
    1. Culture, customs and education of the consumer to taste in France and abroad
    2. The profile of wine consumer
    3. Moments of consumption
  2. Production
    1. The different ways of producing wine
    2. Regulation in wines' production
  3. Promotion and marketing of wine
    1. Promotion and Marketing
    2. Wine promotion: France against the rest of the world

For a long time, France has been spoken of as the country of wines. Wine production and consumption is whole part of our identity and culture. Moreover, French wines benefit from a real image of quality, soil and top-of-the-range products. On the other hand, foreign wines are often perceived in France as bad ones, especially by the wine growers. However, today, we can observe an increasing influence of foreign wines on the global market as well as in France. Some countries like the US have begun to produce wines in huge quantities and to compete with some French wines. As we can see, wine is a specific product, especially in France. Nevertheless, we can emphasize three major dimensions to it, like for every other product: the consumption, the production and lastly the marketing or promotion. France, because of this cultural heritage, has a completely different approach to consuming, producing, and promoting its wines, than foreign countries. How then, do these three dimensions interact with each other? How do the differences of consumption and production lead to differences of marketing and promotion? How do cultural heritages and different techniques of every country influence foreign ones? At the outset, we will study the differences of consumption between France and the rest of the world. Subsequently, we will emphasize the differences of production (different logics and rules). And lastly, we will comment on how these differences have an impact on how wines are promoted and marketed in France and abroad.

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