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Cosmetics market for men

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  1. The story of a drink like no other
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The cosmetics market for men is on its launch pad and the markets are witnessing a rise of "neo-masculinity." The market for men's cosmetics has been finally freed of its models of ancestral rights of the third millennium: they no longer need to reassure the masculinity.

The men's cosmetics market is booming now. It is a market where supply must be perfectly matched to demand and where there is little competition from the most ferocious brands.

A cosmetic is any preparation for external use designed to maintain and beautify the face and body. In general, one does not consider alcohol, that is to say as perfumes or cosmetics such as shower gels or soaps that their body is part of personal care products.

Thus, in this analysis, men's cosmeticsproducts such as alcohols, shaving creams (unless they have an anti-irritation, moisturizing ), deodorants and shower gels is not included.

Cosmetics and man: the changes :

Around the 1930s Manliness required only the products for personal hygiene were used by men but soon the man without losing his masculinity is becoming more careful of his body. In the 1950 the arrival of the first aftershave that will mark a turning point in the cosmetics industry. 1960 saw the first sale of deodorants. The image of the manly man with his sweat and his muscles are weakened. 1980 years: "Come back" of macho. The cosmetics market is stagnating. The 1990s a revolution on the vision of man. Man can be both masculine and take care of his body.

Marketing research has shown that, 80% of men would use moisturizer on themselves to have a little less the feeling of tight skin. Thus, in secret, the men began to take care of their skin. However, the obstacles to this new consumer is very strong, this topic has become taboo. The first to embark on the conquest of the cosmetics market for men are Nivea ?, with their famous blue cream canister, Biotherm and Nickel.

At present, one can identify more than two dozen brands of cosmetics at the base that have embarked on the cosmetics market for men as well as any new brands that only sell products for men.The cosmetics market for men as well as brandsthat sell the most are present in supermarkets, or drugstores.

The demographic trend has an impact on consumers: while the population ages, it does not want to lose the illusion of youth. People want to maintain their skin and beautify it. The cosmetics industry is well positioned to meet the needs of consumers, as thefirst signs of aging result in external signs (wrinkles, sagging skin, white hair ). The quest for eternal youth allows brands to offer elixirs that are more expensive.

Previously, only women were victims of this cult of youth, but now men also suffer from the ravages of time on their faces and bodies. So they want to take charge in the fight against it. That's why men's cosmetics have become entirely legitimate, which also becomes increasingly important.

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