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Cyber marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. Cyber marketing planning (strategy development)
    1. Company's new objectives
    2. Develop internet marketing strategy
  3. Implementation (strategy execution)
    1. Create online presence
    2. Execute marketing communication
    3. Maintain and monitor metrics
  4. Critical analysis and conclusion

Internet's appearance in the 90's has changed the way worldwide companies are working. Internet is a communication tool used by personal or professional units. Internet allows an instant communication, and information transfer between personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets.

This global network gives access to everyone at several services such as electronic mailing, instant messaging, file sharing, newsgroups, discussion forums, live chatting, video conferencing etc. Internet access is forthcoming and in the same time it is improving its speed significantly.

The World Wide Web is composed by 677 millions of webpages (2012 ? Netcraft). Since 15 years, businesses have become more and more present in to the Web environment by launching their own webpages or new businesses. It represents, for companies, a new opportunity of development and a ?place to be'.

[...] Socio-cultural factors conceive a valuable part in the online retailing environment. Consumers' behaviour has changed recently; purchasing their needs online has been becoming a new and simpler way of shopping for either professionals or individuals. Regarding to technological factors, online retailing depends on many considerations. The access to the Internet and technologies are well progressed in the developed countries whereas on the less-developed ones, are in expansion. Technology has been improving years by years and is becoming less and less expensive; thus, it is easier to be accessible from everyone. [...]

[...] The off-line and online marketing strategy cannot be the same because the competitors, the market, the customers and the demands are different. For a small company, which wants to sell globally on the Internet, it has to be well prepared. This preparation will determine the success of its ambitions. Goal setting: The company wants to find an effective way to sell its handmade cufflinks in United-Kingdom and abroad via Internet. Positioning: The company should follow its competitor's strategy by offering high quality and unique products. [...]

[...] This means that the company has to be easily accessible by e-mail or by phone in case customers having questions regarding the payment, the product, the delivery etc. ?Frequent Asked Questions' is an aid on the website. The customers can have access to this page and take direct answers in common questions. Maintain and monitor metrics Information on the homepage has to be changed often. The Internet users have to obtain different information in their every single visit to the website. [...]

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