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Digital Marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  3. Benefits and risks of digital marketing
  4. Improvement of BA's image thanks to the digital marketing
  5. Conclusion

Nowadays, companies have to be at the reach all the time for customer satisfaction. Therefore they practise marketing in the way that they can realize good sales of their goods or services and so to secure the loyalty of the customers on a market that is increasingly competitive. The major part of the company is specific on digital marketing. In our present days, this method covers the traditional marketing areas such as direct marketing by providing the same method of communication with an audience but in digital way. Actually, Digital marketing tools are an opportunity for the modern.

This type of marketing includes both benefits and risks. We could wonder in what measure, companies can use the digital marketing to improve their image, their reputation in the order to cope with the hard competition on the market. A use online distributions method to promote products is known as digital marketing. The term digital marketing appears recently in the world of the professionals specialized in marketing and communication.

[...] The company uses digital marketing. In other words, it has already adopted a strategy digital marketing through different digital media tools (cf. appendix A). But the company have to adopt a digital marketing strategy more efficient to improve its image. ( Creation of a Facebook account In the way to enhance its reputation, British Airways could create a Facebook account. To lead its Facebook group, the airline company could launch talking points, like: ( Do you have funny stories to tell concerning your travel by air? [...]

[...] Another ways are the visual aids. British Airways has already used this technique, but nowadays, the company doesn't have a sufficient use of this method. Once more, the airline company has to spend more in this type of ads. For example, posters are designed to be both eye-catching and convey information, such as billboards. The originality is the better way to emerge in a strong advertising competition. In this way, British Airways has to create ads which are more original if the company wants to improve its image. [...]

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