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How does marketing communication build and maintain strong brand?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Define marketing communication, branding and integration.
    1. Marketing communication.
    2. Branding.
    3. Integration.
  3. How does marketing communication work?
    1. Attitudes.
    2. Hierarchy of effects models.
    3. Black box and consumer behaviour.
  4. How does branding work, functional, rational and emotional platform.
    1. The name of the brand.
    2. Communication strategy.
    3. New product.
    4. Competition.
    5. Advantages of branding.
    6. Perception by the consumers.
  5. Conclusion and recommendation.
  6. Bibliography.

The challenge for a lot of companies nowadays is to adapt their traditional functions and operations to the new world. They have to integrate marketing. Today, it is important to build a relationship with the customers. This is the key to finding, developing and having loyal customers, so marketing communication (M.C) has got an important role. Global organizations have to organize around customers and prospects. They do not only have to organize their operations and activities around products and services. Customers have more influence than ever before. They have access to more products, channels to buy and they have more sources of information. Companies have to communicate about their products or services because of the competition. Brands have to be unique and be different to the others to maintain a competitive advantage over the increasing competition. It is important to inform people about the new products, the change of them, the politics of the company?
Mercedes Benz, for example, has invested billions of dollars in 2005 in order to be the top brand and to make a good quality of its image and its products.

[...] In B to the communication is much more rationale and more discreet.[15] III- How does branding work, functional, rational and emotional platform The name of the brand The name of the brand is too important; it is a key factor for companies. The choice of the brand is difficult too. In fact, it is addressed at everyone and it is subjective (different perception possible by the customers). A name should have four characteristics which are easy to memorize, relevance, flexibility and distinctiveness. [...]

[...] 19- Marketing communication an integrated approach, second edition P A Smith, p1- Low and Lamb (2000), Hoek et Al (2000) ?Examining the effects of service brand communications on brand evaluation?, Journal of Product & Brand Management VOL 14 NO.2 (2005) pp Marketing communications: an integrated approach; PR Smith; Kogan Page; 2nd edition; p Schultz and Kitchen (2000) ?Brand equity and vulnerability?, European Journal of Marketing VOL No pp. 1332- Integrated marketing communications, the holistic approach, Tony Yeshin p Marketing / communication, Construire et conserver des marques fortes et durables, Les 20 lois du capital marque - Al Ries Myriam Shalak Journals 1. [...]

[...] II- How does marketing communications work? Attitudes Attitudes can be defined has the evaluation of a product or a service by the consumers. It affects the buying behaviour of the consumer. In fact, consumers have positive or negative feeling towards a brand. These feelings depend on the values communicated by the brand and will directly affect the purchasing behaviour of the buyers when they have to choose between two products. For example, Nike had problems because of the company's exploitation of children in Asia. [...]

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