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International marketing: Vina San Pedro

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  1. Situation analysis
    1. Company's overview
    2. Macro-environmental analysis: PEST analysis
    3. Competitive analysis
    4. SWOT analysis
  2. Strategic planning
    1. Smart objectives
    2. 3 V's
    3. Target market data
    4. Marketing mix
    5. Budget

The following paper is dedicated to design a marketing plan to expand the Chilean wine company "Viña San Pedro" in France. Chilean wine has an image of quality over the world and is now competing against French AOC Wines. The company is the second largest producer in Chile and is represented in more than 70 countries, mainly through the Internet. The French wine market is slowing down and is expected to reach a bottom line as French regulation and anti-alcohol campaigns are spreading out. The entire market of alcohol constituted with beers, liquors and mix drinks is suffering. However wine is still the most consumed alcohol in France which makes it attractive. Indeed, for French people, drinking wine is cultural. New market trends have emerged and wine is considered "chic" and a part of the social vector. In other words, there are still opportunities for development in France, especially over the Internet. Sales of wine through B2C and B2B websites grew by 30% last year and will keep on growing as the number of consumers is expected to increase.

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