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Is Haägen Dazs a market leader? If so, thanks to what strategy can it maintain its position?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The position of Haagen Dazs in the market.
    1. Observing Haagen Dazs's products display.
    2. Discovering Haagen Dazs's market share.
  3. Analysis of Haagen Dazs leadership.
    1. Price policy.
    2. Various threats.
    3. Maintaining the leadership position.
  4. Defining Haagen Dazs buyers.
    1. Consumption patterns and consumer behaviours.
    2. Unmet needs.
  5. The Brand as a key feature of Haagen Dazs strategy.
    1. Haagen Dazs strategy.
    2. The Brand as a key factor.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.
  8. Appendix.

This report's aim is to determine Haägen Dazs's position on the ice cream market and to examine, more deeply, how this position is achieved; thanks to what strategy this American brand operates today all over the world. In order to carry out this report, I decided to focus on the leading product of the brand: the ice cream pint 500 ml, which represents a particular market (with various competitors and targeted buyers). This report is composed of three main parts: first of all I chose to study Haagen Dazs' market position and analyze more deeply it's situation, how it secures it's position. Then I focused on buyer's behavior and tried to define Haagen Dazs segmentation, which led me to the third part of the report: the definition and analysis of Haagen Dazs strategy and the measure of the brand strength.

[...] More particularly, I'll try to determine if Haägen Dazs is a leader on the luxury ice cream market in the UK. To reach this objective, I used two types of survey in retail establishments: observing product display and identifying competitors Observing Haägen Dazs's products display From the start, Haägen Dazs has organized a selective distribution system for his products: unlike the main ice cream brands, he forgot mass distribution to focus on quality distribution. That's why, today, the American brand is available in four types of distribution network: supermarkets, dedicated retail outlets ("Haägen Dazs Cafés"), convenience stores and kiosks at selected places (cinemas and leisure centres). [...]

[...] CONCLUSION : This report objective was to determine if Haägen Dazs is a market leader and if so, to explain the reason for this position. The study in depth of the brand sales allowed us to confirm Haägen Dazs leadership and the further analysis of the brand policy and buyers gave us precisions about the reason why such a position has been achieved : innovation, narrow focusing, ability to answer buyers unmet needs and above all, the brand personality as a whole take the most important part of Haägen Dazs success. [...]

[...] It is illustrated in the FAB analysis of Haägen Dazs pint 500ml : Features : richest ingredients, genuine and quality ice cream Advantage : tasty for the customer (biggest score in the purchase motivation) Benefits : pleasure, indulgence We note here that Haägen Dazs ice cream are purchased for the emotional benefits conferred (intense moment of pleasure while eating the ice cream). These emotional benefits accounts for the brand's competitive advantage : benefits that only your products provide, which are also benefits in the eye of the customer, give your company its competitive advantage and are known as differential benefits. [...]

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