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Lucozade Sport vs. Highland Spring

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  1. The projected images created by advertisements and brands.
    1. Lucozade Sport as UK's favourite sports drink.
    2. Projected advertisement and the creation of an image of natural pureness.
  2. Techniques employed by the marketers.
    1. Highland Spring's use of psychological segmentation method.
    2. Lucozade's use of psychological segmentation method.
    3. Horney's three personality types.
  3. Positioning strategy of both brands.
    1. Concept of product positioning.
    2. Highland Spring's and Lucozade current position in the market.
  4. Conclusion.

Water in general is considered as a low risk, low involvement product. Despite the fact of being an ?ever-since existing' product and fulfilling the primary need of survival, people's awareness of the importance of drinking water is a rather recent development. This has brought up various producers on the market, as previously people consumed more gratis tap water instead of bottled water. To avoid head-on-head competition and to make their product more distinct from competitors, marketers apply several marketing techniques, to project specific images which will appeal most to their selected consumer target. Lucozade Sport has been the UK's favourite sports drink, since its launch in 1990, sponsoring famous athletes of all levels, relying on its scientifically proven formulation. Lucozade Sport has since the developed an expanding product range tailored to meet the needs of athletes.

[...] IN order to achieve a successful positioning, marketers have to communicate their unique selling proposition and assure that the product attributes fit with the deeper needs of the customer.[22] A conduced positioning greed shows Highland Spring's and Lucozade current position in the market place in comparison with other waters, where they have been evaluated according to their perceived brands image and their pricing strategy. Consumers purchasing choice is heavily affected by pricing considerations. At approximately pounds per litre Lucozade is pursuing a premium price strategy, which also underlines the price/quality relationship creating an image of higher value, but might imply that it is only purchased at special occasions[23]. [...]

[...] Lucozade Sport Hydro Active water has been shown in company Magazine' and Highland Spring projected its advertisement in ?Marie Claire'. However as these advertisements are not gender specific segmented they could also be displayed in any males' magazine. Both advertisements fulfil the criteria for effective targeting of market segments, as their segments are identifiable, sufficient in terms of size, stable and even growing and accessible in terms of media and cost. Both advertisements succeed in communicating the product's attribute with their selected target group underlining the desired needs. [...]

[...] Highland Spring on the other side attempts to underline a slight self-actualisation effect of its products to satisfy one's psychological needs (secondary).[14] Both advertisements further concentrate on emotional motives, as they imply the selection of the product according to consumers' subjective criteria (Which product will best satisfy my needs?). Highland Spring applies a positive motivation strategy, the product is the driving force to find inner peace and gain natural pureness. Controversially Lucozade utilises a combination of negative and positive motivation strategy.[15] While the peripheral part of the advertisement is very dynamic and splashy , the verbal part uses negative aspects, as in order to prevent dehydration the consumption of water is essential. [...]

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