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Market research: Mobiles in Ireland

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  1. Background and objectives.
  2. Executive summary.
  3. Methodology.
  4. Entering of Vodafone into the Irish market.
    1. Performance of Vodafone in the Irish market.
  5. Meteor: The third largest mobile phone operator in Ireland.
  6. Ireland: Ireland's network.
  7. Tesco mobile.
  8. Mobile phone network market.
  9. Pre-pay versus bill.
  10. Survey results and analysis.
    1. Inferences from the survey.
  11. Conclusions.
  12. Recommendations.
  13. Appendix.
  14. References.

In Ireland at present there are three leading network suppliers for the mobile phone industry. These are Vodafone, O2 and Meteor. While these three networks dominate the market between them there are a number of smaller networks such as the network 3 Ireland that are beginning to enter the market along with a brand new and very small network by Tesco which will be associated with the O2 network. The objectives of this project are to give an overview of the current Irish mobile phone operator market in Ireland, to look at the top competitors in the market and to obtain reactions from consumers in the market on the phone market. My objective is to also analyze this information and form my own conclusions and recommendations. After doing this project I have found that there are three mobile network operators that dominate the Irish market. These networks are Vodafone who hold 45.3% of the marker, O2 with 33.8% of the market and Meteor with 18.1% of the market. There is also one smaller player in the market, 3 Ireland who hold only 2.8% of the market and a new entrant in the form of Tesco who will operate on the O2 network.

[...] Conclusions In conclusion to this project I found that: There are only three top competitors in the Mobile Phone Operator market in Ireland, Vodafone with market share, O2 with market share, and Meteor with These top three competitors face little or no competition from smaller operators in the market such as 3 Ireland which has of the market share and Tesco which has yet to enter the market. After completing a survey I have found that the most popular operator network in the market is Meteor. [...]

[...] Vodafone Vodafone Ireland entered the Irish market in May 2001 after acquiring the network operator Eircell. Vodafone currently holds the majority of the market share in Ireland with which includes a customer base of 2.178 million people. Vodafone is the worlds leading international mobile telecommunications group and key performance indicators to 31st December 3006 showed that they continue to leverage their scale to deliver excellent value to customers. Figures in the last quarter of 2006 showed that in Ireland customers spent on average 233 voice minutes and 119 text messages over a monthly period. [...]

[...] ive ive ly netwo networ nes ail messag minute texts charg rk ks e s e BILL night owl mobiles voice calls to any Irish network or landline at any time are 26c Voicemail Ons price per month weekend Ons rates per Monthly minute cost Meteor Meteor is the third largest mobile phone operator in Ireland with just of the market share. Meteor entered the market in 2001 and made a roaming agreement with O2 that states that if Meteor calls cannot be connected due to poor signal quality then those calls will be connected through the O2 network at no extra cost. [...]

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