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Market Study : Distributing a Map of Krakow Public Transports (2008)

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  1. Quantitative Survey
    1. Objectives and methodology
    2. Results for the student category
    3. Interpretation of students results
    4. Results for the citizen category
    5. Interpretation of the citizen results
    6. Results for the tourist category
    7. Interpretation of the tourist results
    8. Cross tabulation analysis
  2. Qualitative Survey : Phone interview of Tourist Information Points
    1. Introduction and methodology
    2. Results analysis
  3. Qualitative survey : Focus group
    1. Introduction
    2. Methodology
    3. Issues tackled during the focus group
    4. Report of the focus group

The objectives of this questionnaire are 3 fold: evidence supporting the need of a tram/bus map of Krakow for the inhabitants; evidence of the fact that the absence of maps deters people from using the tram or the bus, and as a consequence MPK is loosing clients; evidence the fact that the malls out of the center loose clients, because people do not know how to get there by bus or tram. Calculation of the sample size (quota method) i.e. quota sampling involves dividing the target population into homogeneous subgroups, also called 'strata'. Then, a proportionate sample of each 'stratum' is selected by the interviewer. The quota sample is a proportionate replica of the original target population. It has two-fold objectives: first, to ensure that the whole population is adequately represented within the sample, and secondly, to enable a greater control on the composition of the sample.

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