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Marketing plan: Manix

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  1. Basic facts.
    1. French condoms market and position of Manix.
    2. Manix's goals and vision.
  2. Problems and opportunities.
    1. Issues confronted.
    2. Opportunities.
  3. Segments and objectives.
    1. The targeted segments.
    2. Qualitative and quantitative objectives of the launch and the selected strategies.
  4. Product and price policy.
    1. Low price.
    2. 'Ease of use' image.
    3. Attractive packaging.
  5. Distribution.
    1. Manix won't promote its new product on any television channels.
    2. The visibility of the product would be assured by a direct meeting with the consumers.
  6. Sales force.
    1. General figures of the condoms market.
    2. Manix forecast.
    3. Enjoy Easy Fit objectives.
  7. Budgets.
  8. Bibliography.

Manix competes on the condoms market, which is composed of two important brands: Durex and Manix itself. Durex is the market leader with 35% of market share and Manix follows it with 26%: their competition is based on branding (advertising campaigns based on sponsorship) and innovation in order to extend their products range. Then three competitors share 25% of the total market value: Intimy from Juva with 10%, Handsaplast and Protex. They are either price competitors, or they have a good presence in retail network. Finally minor actors like Khondomz are also present on the market, but barriers to new entrants are quite strong as law requirement are compulsory to exist on the sexual health industry. We can assert that each product can be substitutable in terms of resistance and safety between Durex and Manix. They offer almost the same range of products.
Durex and Manix have the motivation to be the first on the French market, while the four other smaller competitors want to gain market shares.

[...] Manix Enjoy Easy Fit would be distributed in 100% of the slot-machines (by pockets of 6 units) and in the traditional super and hyper market distribution networks (both by pockets of 6 and 12). Moreover new slot- machines would be added in the distribution network. The pharmacists' network wouldn't be used for the launch of this product because of the target need of discretion. The communication strategy would be at the centre of the launch of this new product. In order to create a privileged relation with the target, the communication strategy would be totally different in various points from the previous strategies. [...]

[...] Manix decided to base its communication on the notion of pleasure so the word has been selected to be included on each packaging. As a consequence, the name of the product would be ?Enjoy Easy Fit?. Furthermore, to deepen these notions of pleasure and ease of use, the slogan it has been developed. The packaging would be a revolution. The traditional boxes wouldn't be used for this product. In fact, they would be replaced by fine pockets with a small cumbersome and a dynamic look. [...]

[...] Creation of a Manix community on the web. VI) Sales force General figures of the condoms market million of all producers turnover. 26% market share for Manix. Turnover of million for Manix Manix forecast As said before in this plan, Manix market share should reach 36% ; it will then earn nearly 15 million euros. Moreover, Manix spends 13% of its turnover in the marketing, so it could spend almost 2 million euros. Enjoy Easy Fit objectives For Manix, ?Enjoy Easy will become one of Manix main products, because it targets young consumers. [...]

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