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Orcanta in Russia

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Risk analysis.
    1. Political.
    2. Legal.
    3. Banking.
    4. Currencies.
    5. Competition.
  3. History.
    1. The product.
    2. The brands.
  4. Strategy to adopt.
  5. Internal analysis.
  6. Marketing strategy of Orcanta.
    1. Financial objective.
    2. Marketing objective.
    3. Mix marketing.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Bibliography.

Russia is one of the largest markets in the world. As the western culture slowly infiltrated the eastern mentality many young people began adopting western culture and appearances. In the past few years Russia has not only began to accept western ideas and fashion, but has developed an energetic and affluent middle class. This has increased the demand for luxury markets that had been closed to the western world. In this environment Orcanta has found a lucrative opportunity to expand its operation and allow more people to enjoy the high quality products that it sells. The business environment in Russia has experienced many changes in a relatively short amount of time. Until recently the government was in charge of all production; and western goods were unable to be sold to the populace. After the fall of the Socialistic government several new barriers arose to hinder foreign investment. Besides normal, expected risks, Russia has unique and important qualities that should be addressed. We have divided the risks of entering the Russian market into political, legal, banking, logistical and competitive barriers.

[...] The chain of lingerie Orcanta was created in 1996 and runs 64 shops in France. In 2005, the turnover of Orcanta was 49 million euros[4]. In order to be competitive with the intense competition in the lingerie industry, The Chantelle Group relies on its expertise of their high quality beauty and feminine body products, and on its know-how of the creation and the distribution of their products. The Chantelle Group contributes to the healthcare of the woman by offering a premiere product for women. [...]

[...] History In November of 1996 Orcanta Lingerie shop opened its doors in the Shopping centre ?Belle Epine? in a Parisian suburb for the first time. Almost simultaneously, two other shops opened, one the du commerce? in Paris, the other one in the Shopping centre of the ?Part-Dieu? in Lyon. January 1997 marks the start of a policy that initiates massive the opening of 24 shops all over France within one year. In this year Orcanta Lingerie received the ?L'enseigne d'Or? award for excellence in Lingerie design. [...]

[...] Legal Although the legal system in Russia is improving it remains one of the main barriers to investors who do not want manipulation of weaknesses in the courts to drain money from their enterprise or hinder their ability to expand. The legal system of Russia is one of the biggest disincentives to entering the Russian market because of its corruption and arbitrary enforcement of decisions. ?Under President Yeltsin, Russian companies could be sued in any location in Russia, depending upon the residence of the plaintiff. [...]

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