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Ready meals vs. Pot Noodle

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  1. Outlines.
  2. Objectives.
  3. Research development.
    1. Research methodology.
    2. Secondary research.
    3. Primary research.
  4. The market: Industry overlook and future trends on the market.
  5. Qualitative and quantitative data.
    1. Quantitative data: Survey.
    2. Qualitative data: Questionnaires.
  6. Recommendations.
  7. Appendices.
  8. Bibliography.

The aim of this report is to understand and analyze the consumer behaviour towards two products of two major brands which operate in a same sector.

First of all, we chose the food industry in the specific market of ?ready meals?; we immediately thought about Pot Noodles from Unilever, to compare it to ready meals Health Living from Tesco. Let us explain how our report will be submitted.

First, we are going to explain step by step our research development; Starting with the theoretical description of the research methodology, we will continue by giving details on secondary research and then on primary research.
Subsequently, we will present you the market, the positioning of both brands on it and the trends expected. After that, we will use the qualitative and quantitative data and the results of the research will be used as the basis of our future analysis. This will permit to found our recommendations for a particular marketing strategy to our brands.The origin of our secondary data is on the one part, Regents college databases (Data monitor, euro monitor, market line) and main books as Consumer Behavior from Kanuk and Shiffman. In support of primary research, teams' members realized interview and created questionnaires.

[...] Out of the following rank which are the three brands you purchase the most in the ready meals market? Please put or 3 in order of your preferences. It is a Rank-Order Scales. The rank 1 is the one which qualify the best brand, a 2 next to the second best and a 3 next to the third best. Brands If you had the choice of buying one of these ready meal products, which one would you choose? It is a Likert Scale question. [...]

[...] Chilled Ready meals market In terms of the range of products available and total sales, the UK chilled ready meals sector is the most developed in Europe[16]. The main sales' vehicles are supermarket chains, which represented 66% of sales in 2001. Marketers focus on healthiness developments to improve the image of their products they highlight the fact that meals are made with fresh ingredients of households use ready meals, and 28% use them at least once a week use these products three times a month or less frequently[17]. [...]

[...] In fact, Male and females, students and old people ( ) do not eat these products for the same reasons Pot Noodles vs. Chilled ready meals According to our market survey, we have different attitudes, motivation, and perception toward the products even they are supposed to have the same aim: substitution of heavy meals long to prepare. Let us see first about the attitudes toward the products. Analysing the answers the consumers gave us, we have similar attitudes toward the products, but we can notice some light differences which depends on the gender of the consumer and on his age. [...]

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