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Structure of french food service sector

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  1. France food service sector
    1. Categorie of commercial catering 2005
    2. Major groups in the institutionnal catering sector
  2. General overview of the market
    1. The serving food industry in France
    2. The food sector in France
  3. Consumers patterns
    1. Current trend in domestic dining out
    2. Factors affecting the rate of growth in food industry
  4. Geographic distribution
    1. Part of state transport invests
    2. General tourism zone
    3. Influence of airports
    4. Density of hotel structure
  5. Key laws and regulations
    1. How to manage food safety
    2. Last lawful evolution in the catering
    3. Packaging regulations
    4. InternationaL standards
    5. Some specific french words relative to food laws
  6. Overview of the distribution and wholesale chains
    1. Import requirements
    2. Import requirements
    3. Overview of the 2 chains within HRI
    4. Best high-values products prospects
    5. Brakes

France has a large and highly fragmented food service sector with many small to medium-sized players. During 2005, the French HRI food service sector served approximately 9,121 meals. Sales reached 72.93 billion Euros. The General food service sector picked up in 2005 after experiencing an almost flat 2004. There are growing signs of a recovery, particularly in commercial catering where the catering chains and groups posted a solid performance after a lean period two years ago. At the same time, social food services for businesses and schools struggled, whereas the healthcare and retirement home sectors offered the greatest potential.

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