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The market analysis of Reva (India)

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  1. General introduction
  2. Background of the study
  3. Reva Electric Car (Pvt) Ltd
    1. Background of the company
  4. Marketing management ? Philip Kotler
    1. Operational Definitions
  5. Organization hierarchy
  6. Functional department of the organization
  7. Analysis and interpretation of the data
  8. Market research and study
  9. Findings of the study
  10. Suggestions and recommendations
  11. Conclusion
  12. Bibliography

At recent rates of production, proven world petroleum reserves world last about 40 year and also there isn't enough pinesap in the world to meet the demand for fuel. Petroleum will become scarcer and much more expensive, providing further impetus to develop new technology. Making new petrochemical products could become more costly. Depleting world oil reserves and escalating pollution levels have led various communities across the world to weight the considerable benefits of Electric Vehicles (EV) Technology. Electric vehicles have a good tongue curve with no multi-ration transmission. They are clean and efficient. Electric vehicles are one area where India is at par with the rest of the world so far as technology is concerned. The world's depleting oil resources and increasing pollution levels have led people to opt for electric cars like Reva, which is Maini Groups most significant innovation and has given India a global recognition.

A part from India it has tremendous appreciation in the International Market. A Joint Venture with AEVT Inc., of Irondale California in 1995. Saw the RAVA launched on May 11, 2001, REVA the 21st century car ushered in a new era of zero-pollution, zero noise, and city transportation.

Acclaimed as the cutest most inexpensive commercially produced car in the world Reva is also the most economical. Reason being, that its running cost is just 40 paise/km it has a range of 80 kilometers in stop-&-go city driving and touches a top speed of 65 km/hr.

[...] This shows that a good market exists for Reva Electric car in Bangalore in Karnataka with the help of Subsidy Scheme. A lot of respondents through that it's the correct period to come the Reva Electric Car because they suffer from daily increase of petrol & Desile prices. Most of the respondents are of the average and high income group as we see that more than 70% of them are ready to invest on Reva Electric Car. The majority of respondents like the Reva Eco Classe model compared with Reva Eco and Reva Eco AC. [...]

[...] Reva Electric Car Company is located at Bangalore's- 122E, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore - Tel: +91 7832240/7833911 Fax: +91 7832580 E-Mail: Web: Unit 1.2 : THEORETICAL BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Market assessment for Reva electric vehicles under central subsidiary scheme. SUBSIDY A subsidy is generally a monetary grant given by govt. in support of an activity regarded as being in the public interest. Sometimes it may also refer to assistance granted by others, such as individual or non-govt. [...]

[...] Unit 4.1 : ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF THE DATA Table 1 Classification of the respondents who aware of Reva Electric Car Responses Respondents % of Respondents Inference Among the 100 respondents surveyed, it is seen that 30 respondents aware or know about the REVA Electric Car, Where as 70 of the respondents have not aware of Reva Electric car. It show that opportunity exists for the market of Reva Electric Car in Bangalore very low rate. Source: Primary Data Table 2 Classification of the respondents who aware of Reva Electric Car through the following media Media Respondents % of Respondents relatives Inference 66 respondents have knows about Reva Electric Car through window shopping. [...]

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