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The US declaration of independance in a world context

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Soya is a vegetable which has a number if benefits. Scientifics argue that soya has little fat content and cholesterol, good for weight control or for heart disease prevention. Moreover, it reduces the risk of cancer and it is also nutritious and good for menopause. Despite all of the benefits it provides, it has been shown that consumption of this vegetable is still quite less. In fact, perception of soya is very negative. In a research conducted by Brian Wansink, the survey showed that 39% of the respondents did not know of any health benefits of soya, and 4 % thought it had no health benefits at all. Only 7 % knew about the health benefits of soya. Of the 7% who knew about Soya, 28 % cited high protein content and 24 % noted a low fat content. As a result, it has been observed that people with no knowledge about the health benefits of soya consumed less soya.

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