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What's the future for biological cosmetics in France?

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  1. Explanation to the notion of biological cosmetics
    1. Definition
    2. The main differences between biological cosmetics and classic cosmetics
    3. The main differences between biological cosmetics and natural cosmetics
    4. Regulation
  2. The bio cosmetics revolution
    1. Increasing sales for bio cosmetics niche
    2. Market leaders interested in new trend
  3. Marketing mix of biological cosmetics
    1. Product
    2. Distribution
    3. Communication
    4. Price

Biological cosmetics know a recently very fast growth, so they constitute a new market segment. Many brands of cosmetics like Loreal want to increase their market shares thanks to this new segment.

What's the future for biological cosmetics in France?

In the first part, I will see the notion of biological cosmetics.
In the second part, I will discuss on the fast growth of biological cosmetics.
Finally, I will speak about the marketing mix of biological cosmetics.

[...] So, they continue to develop biological cosmetics in France and at the international level to obtain more market shares. To continue their development, many companies have merged to have more funds. Furthermore, companies are merging with companies specialized in bio cosmetics to benefit their image. There are some examples of mergers of cosmetic groups. L'Oreal has purchased Body Shop and Sanoflore because these companies produce bio cosmetics. L'oreal has also purchased Yves Saint Laurent. Another example, Yves Rocher has purchased 35% of the capital of Terre d'Oc. [...]

[...] Indeed, if you buy a moisturizing cream in a hypermarket you can get a cheap product, or you can also buy a more expensive bio product in a specialized store. It proves that the purchase of biological cosmetics is expensive and is only accessible for a part of the population; this is a luxury product. It's normal that the prices are so high because bio cosmetics were newly introduced. However, perhaps in the long term, the increase in competition will decrease the price. Conclusion To conclude, biological cosmetics are growing fast [...]

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