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3G, 3.5G, 3.75G, 4G and beyond ? defining mobile phone services and their business/marketing applications

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  1. Defining Mobile Phone Services Standards
  2. Business and Marketing Applications
  3. Shopping and Events
  4. Mobile Bar Code Readers
  5. iPhone
  6. Future Applications

With rapid technological advances in communication technology, the cost ownership of mobile telephony devices has drastically come down and the service operators use economies of scale to provide economical plans to millions of subscribers. Mobile services have moved way beyond big handsets with fixed landline cables and the earliest clunky mobile phones were regarded as "prestigious and exclusive? to own a telephone with the only goal of allowing a caller to be heard and speak to the counterpart on the other end. The current generation of mobile phones has moved beyond this and allows users to watch movies, surf the web, pay bills, view and purchase products, and perform many more tasks. This paper aims to define the current mobile phone standards, their possibilities and limitations. Moreover, their current Business/Marketing models are briefly discussed, followed by examples and case studies to bring it to practice.

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