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Adult development theory

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  1. Introduction
  2. Social cultural factors
  3. Personality development and change across the lifespan
  4. Physical development and change across the lifespan
  5. Genetic heritage factors
  6. Demographic and social historical factors
  7. Age graded development stages and incremental adaptation
  8. Research design and methodology
  9. References

This research analysis is based on the research findings of Eleanor Drago-Severson, Deborah Helsing, Robert Kegan, Maria Broderick, Kathryn Port and Nancy Popp on Adult Development. It was conducted in the late 20th century and was based on a group of 41 adult learners from around the world who were enrolled in three different US ABE programs a community college, a family literacy site, and a workplace site.

[...] This in turn determines how this individual responds to others and conducts himself in the various stages of development through out his life. Historical factors are those that shaped the society in the past and are passed down through individuals these include various cultural beliefs and norms that either require an individual to do or not to do some things. These factors help shape the individual in a certain way agreeable to the society; this in turn affects development of these individuals as they strive to conform to these factors. [...]

[...] (eds.) (2000), An Update on Adult Development Theory : New Ways of Thinking about the Life Course. (New Directions for Adult And Continuing Education, No. 84.) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.ment 280- 287. Johnson-Bailey J (2001).Making a way out of no way Malabai, F L Krieger press Merriam, S (2001). The new update on adult Learning a theory San fransisco: Jossey-Bass Zimprich, D., Allemand, M., & Hornung, R. (2006). Measurement invariance of The abridged sense of coherence scale in adolescents. European Journal of Psychological Allemand, M., Amberg, I., Zimprich, D., & Fincham, F. [...]

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