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Advertising and communication: Barbecue sauce product

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  1. Introduction
  2. Define your product
  3. Reaching your audience
  4. Delivering the message
  5. Regulatory issues
  6. Final advertising campaign
  7. Conclusions

For this assignment, i was asked to choose and launch a new product. The product that i decided to launch is a new barbecue sauce, produced especially for people who want to take care about the environment and of themselves. In this case especially, our product could know an important success. In fact, we have a large target, because a larger part of people considers having a natural flavor and is one the main reason that makes them to purchase a product. The product is natural and has the same principal characteristics to that of a classical barbecue sauce. During this assignment, we will see the different media of communications that we will use, in order to keep our main strategy: to promote the brand. As a consequence, we will use in priority the television, by creating a memorable slogan: ?Natural Flavoring Magic?. In the first part, we will see the product itself, by seeing the functions, the name of the brand and the slogan. Then, we will analyze the audience, and the target market, using the different drivers that the consumers respond to, and the way that we deliver the message. In the fourth part, regulatory issues are concerned, with the French and the European Union regulations. To finish, we will do some visuals, in order to have a precise idea of the ad campaign.

[...] For this final assignment, we decided to launch a new barbecue sauce and at a middle term basis to create a new range of sauces for the barbecue especially. Actually, it does not exist in a large scale, but only in some specific distribution networks, very specialized. On the one hand, we want to focus our product on the taste and the natural recipe with natural and healthy raw materials without any addition of other chemical products in the recipe of our barbecue sauce. [...]

[...] Indeed, the thing is that in non speaking English Western countries such as in France, the culture of barbecue sauce is not really strong in customers habits and we have to readapt the size of each products by reducing the size of the good sold Furthermore, in supermarkets especially, we can easily see that supermarkets displays are often invaded by colors and writings which become so illegible due to the mass of available informations. All tries to catch the eye of the consumer and this surplus of information loses consumers and disrupts, perturbs him. [...]

[...] Nowadays, we must feel that we can have an entire trust in a product or a company, and the fact that it is advised by a friend or a person of the family can create this link. Moreover, the television and/or radio, billboards among others, can reinforce this image to the final customer. The main advantage for the Internet is that consumers have the feeling that they can change a brand, a product, they can give their opinion freely of the Internet users think that they have a specific relation between themselves and the company through the website). [...]

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