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Advertising influence on impulsive buying

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  1. Impulsive buying behaviour
    1. Descriptions of impulse buying
    2. Conceptual background
    3. Factors that influence impulse buying
  2. Advertising
    1. Conceptual background
    2. Types of advertising

In this chapter, you will find a summarizing overview of the study of impulse buying and advertising. It explains fairly about the two discussed main topics, impulse buying and advertising. It gives an introduction of what impulse buying is and if it is related to advertising. In which way are they related to each other and what kind of a relationship do these factors have? The second paragraph, managerial relevance, will explain why this thesis is written and to whom it can be interesting, such as for companies and for other researchers who will use this study for further research. The third paragraph, the academic relevance, contains arguments for the reason and the relevance of the chosen topic.

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