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Analysis of a commercial unit of Toys "R" Us

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  1. Introduction
  2. Sensory marketing and music
    1. The emergence of sensory marketing
    2. The onset of ambient music
  3. Types of reaction to the Music
    1. Affective reactions and the symbolic dimension of music
    2. Cognitive symptoms
    3. Behavioral responses
  4. The control of a musical environment and its effect on the purchase behavior of consumers
  5. Choice and method validation
  6. Presentation and discussion of the results
  7. Conclusion
  8. References and notes

Toys 'R' Us is a toy store opened in 1993 and its product segments and their positions in the portfolio are as follows: Toys "R" Us sells products for children: sports, games and toys, multimedia, childcare, construction, UOI (Universe Of Imagination) and candies.

Toys ?R' Us, offer a wide array of services to its customers. The most unique service is the money back policy where a refund of the difference is returned if the customer finds a lower price elsewhere. There is a card payment facility with many advantages. Entertainment for children, other services like gift wrapping, customer service, client counseling, guaranteed reservations, discount vouchers among others.

In June 2006, a remodeling of the store has the best response to customer demand. A new card allows customers to benefit from asset price of the products they buy, which replaces the gift certificates. The ?Mega Pack' complementary products are sold together.

The pricing policy applied by the brands is a policy for alignment for the national brands. To communicate the company uses posters provided by the suppliers, the internet through a showcase site, the radio during the Christmas season and through a catalog of 148 pages with 8 million copies and monthly promotions. With regard to the merchandising display of the store the location is vertical both within the view and reach of children and adults.

With the toy market constantly changing there are many opportunities present for Toys ?R' Us. In France, the toy market has increased slightly by 0.3 % from 2005 to 2006 although the year 2005 was an outstanding year driven by the release of the latest Star Wars movie.

Products whose marketing is often very important, kids talk about toys in schools. The phenomenon of rise in licensing of numerous cartoons and movies create derivative products that generally sell very well, and do not require too much advertising.

According to a recent report on birth rates in Europe, France is the second country after Ireland which has the highest birth rate. This provides more opportunities for the toy market. Although the business is seasonal during the Christmas season there are birthdays every year.

Some now believe that packaging is the fifth component of the marketing mix after products, price, communication and distribution because it makes the product attractive.

The store enjoys a strong reputation and credibility through communication where prices are relatively low and the selection is vast and extensive.

Tags: analysis Toys 'R' Us, marketing strategy, business opportunities

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