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Analysis of a Heineken advertisement

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  1. Link to the advertisement
  2. Description of the advertisement
  3. The idea behind the advertisement
  4. Target group
  5. Asses the objective of the ad
  6. What is the big idea
  7. Asses the message elements
  8. Executional highlights
  9. Benefits and values
  10. General conclusions
  11. Hofstede analysis
  12. Countries where the advertisement can be used
  13. Countries where the advertisement cannot be used
  14. Sources

This is a video commercial made by the Dutch brewer Heineken. The commercial begins at a house party, which is probably a house warming party hosted by a couple. The lady shows her friends around and suddenly walks through the master bedroom and into a gigantic walk-in-closet. Her four friends get really excited and everybody starts to scream.

Abruptly the screaming ladies are interrupted and calmed down by a noise from another part of the apartment. The camera now shows the man of the house and his friends who just walk into an enormous fridge. It is a walk-in-fridge full of green, ice-cold Heineken bottles ? and they scream even louder than the women.

Based on the actors this ad is mainly targeted towards males, who are either adults or young adults. The participants in this commercial behave and look like they are in their late 20's or mid-30's, though the party atmosphere can be targeted towards both men and women, who are allowed to drink. Furthermore, there are a bunch of specific targets groups, who are included in the party section. Football supporters, travelers and tourists, students, restaurant and bar staff, and musicians are some of them. Heineken is a global company and the target group is colossal, as it includes all kinds of people.

[...] The advertisement we decided to select, is one of the most successful ones of this campaign, with a little more than 2.5 million views within 3 months of being launched on the official website: In light of this situation, Heineken decided to promote this advertisement on TV and in Cinemas, and thus take advantage of this great success. That is why we are able to view this advertisement on UK television or UK cinema. At this stage, we cannot see this advertisement on Dutch TV but maybe we will see it there in a few years. [...]

[...] Before beginning our analysis about this advertisement in the selected country, we consider that it is important to remember where and in which context this advertisement comes from. A few months earlier, the Heineken Company had decided to launch a new marketing campaign, more specifically an online campaign based on the concept of viral marketing (buzz). They decided to put several advertisements online which promote Heineken beer in a humoristic way, so that people could share the promotional movies on social media, or talk about it with friends, etc. [...]

[...] Question Countries where the advertisement can be used, based on the Hofstede analysis Following our Hofstede analysis about the UK, the Heineken advertisement may be diffused in a country where we note a low power distance and a very high individualism index (one of the highest). Thus, the UK is a masculine culture with a low uncertainty avoidance and short term orientation. On these criteria, we have selected 3 countries where the advertisement can be used: Canada, USA and Australia. [...]

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