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Analysis of Nespresso's targets

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  1. Communication
    1. Prospecting
    2. First meeting
    3. Build a long term relationship
  2. Marketing research
    1. Reclamation Research

The usefulness of marketing is well renowned and appreciated world wide. However, a large number of small companies do not wish to have a strong marketing policy owing to its excessive cost. Its mode of functioning also seems to be difficult to master. Hence some feel that the ?real marketing approach' has not been adopted by the SME and is inclined to a more commercial approach. This is executed rarely by communication, nearly never by tools that evaluate the customers needs and requirements (except for companies accredited ISO, which have the authority to carry out a survey to determine their client satisfaction). But there is no doubt that most of the small companies have the capability to establish a communication network, CRM, or one to one policy. People have the capability to achieve the former but are apprehensive because of the lack of confidence. They need to learn to face loss if they want to climb the ladder of success. The SME, however, has not to go too far in self-confidence and budget.

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