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Analysis of the shampoo market

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  1. Introduction
  2. Market Overview
    1. Major trends affecting the market
    2. Performance of the market
    3. Market share of major players
    4. Consumer behavior
  3. Product review
    1. Types of shampoo products
    2. Major factors of shampoo innovations
    3. Manufacturing process
    4. Major distribution trends
  4. Analysis of the competition
  5. Conclusions

Beauty and hair care product business is witnessed as a popular and fast growing business. Lots of people spend on beauty and hair care products like shampoo, hair conditioner, hair treatment and so on. So a hair care product has a great potential market because it has a significant influence on people's life. Nowadays, the shampoo market has an increasingly fierce competition of brands which keep trying to gain more market shares. According to the different customer demands, Pantene Pro-V has a new product available in the market. Pantene Pro-V is a brand of hair care products owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G); it is the brand's best-known product.
We will study the overall shampoo market situation in order to provide information on Pantene's new product. Therefore, this analysis of the new product is based on the information of the market, product distribution, trends and competitive brands.
The paper is divided into three parts. The market review (written by Tongqing Huang) contains an analysis of major trends affecting the market, the performance of the market and the consumers purchasing behavior. The product review (written by Xiaoxiao Ma) addresses the different types of shampoo products currently available, innovations, manufacturing processes and distribution trends. Finally, the analysis of the competition includes an analysis of the other brands' productions, the major competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

[...] Pantene Pro-V share % in the hair care market Advertising also has a significant effect on market sales; it can be considered as one of social factors. In the beginning, P&G has recognized Pantene in international market potential. It is sold in virtually every country, in tens of thousands of superstores. Breakthrough advertising was created under the banner of "hair so healthy it shines," and an innovative brand identity and package design was created. Millions are likely to see a Pantene advertisement on TV, in magazines, on billboards, and in other places. [...]

[...] 8.Preservatives Prevent microbial and fungal contamination of the shampoo before and after opening. 9.Specialty Treatment ingredients or marketing aids added to additives impart other benefits to the shampoo besides hair and scalp cleansing. Table 1. Basic shampoo ingredient formulation and function Source: Hair care: an illustrated dermatologic handbook by Zoe Diana Draelos Pantene products are effective at addressing various hair issues, owing to their different ingredients. Over time, our hair loses its health, strength and vitality, becoming dryer and weaker and slowly loses its shine. [...]

[...] Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo can achieve the reconstruction of the head skin structure, and fundamentally reduce dandruff problems, enhance the repair of scalp force, thereby leading to the ultimate removal of dandruff. Product: This product, like all those of the Head & Shoulders is meant for dandruff. It's the main goal. Packaging is the same for all types of Head & Shoulders shampoo. The product uses attractive white and blue combination as its base packing. The type of shampoo is distinguished by the addition of a color. [...]

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