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Barista in India: Integrated marketing communication

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  1. Background
  2. Product
  3. Long term communications and objectives
  4. Brand personality
  5. Brand identity
  6. Strategic plan for communication
    1. Advertising
    2. Sales Promotion
    3. Public Relations and Publicity
    4. Word of Mouth Marketing
  7. Implementation plan
    1. Advertising
    2. Print adds
  8. Ensuring that the communication model works to your advantage
  9. Touch points of communication as part and their synergy
  10. Evaluating the the results achieved by the Marketing Communications Mix

Cafes play a very critical role in any society and coffee bars have now come to be regarded as instruments of social change; be it a place for discussion of politics, a place to relax or a meeting point, it emerges as a kind of focal point in society. The popular cafe outlets are Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Costa, Mocha etc.

Among these, the Barista Lavazza chain of espresso bars delivers a truly Italian coffee experience in a warm, friendly and relaxed environment.
Established in February 2000, Barista Lavazza has been noted as a pioneer of the Indian cafe culture. Barista Lavazza's main consumers consist of young adults, who are exposed to global lifestyles and appreciate the authentic flavors and tastes of coffee. Besides the Indian sub-continent, Barista Lavazza also has cafes in locations across Sri Lanka, Oman and the UAE. Barista is owned by Lavazza, Italy's largest coffee company. Lavazza, the sixth largest coffee roaster in the world, has a 46.5% share in the Italian retail market (value, source: Nielsen) and operates in over 80 countries in the Home and Away-from-Home sectors (Foodservice, Vending and Cafes).

Barista was established with the aim of identifying growth opportunities in the coffee business. Increasing disposable incomes and global trends in coffee indicate immense growth potential in this particular segment. Barista started with its first outlet at New Delhi in 2000. Tata buys stake in Barista in 2001.sterling InfoTech take over in 2004. Lavazza take over in 2007.Barista currently focuses on young professionals, working couples and families by offering then the experience and quality.

[...] The choice of communication mix elements again should be made keeping the target group in mind. Also, care would be taken that all elements of brand building exercise are appearing in the correct sequence with awareness and knowledge building efforts followed by liking and preference generation, followed by convincing the consumer and driving him to avail the service. TOUCH POINTS OF COMMUNICATION AS PART AND THEIR SYNERGY Key touch points to differentiate the brand experience. These include store ambience, product range & innovation and guest service. [...]

[...] As Barista Lavazza is more a service than a product it must focus on the 3 Ps of Services marketing in its communication strategy. The target audience for Barista is the college going youth, the urban working population and retired people, which can be segmented on the basis of geographies. The characteristics of the audience directly affect the communication strategy for any brand. The characteristics hence for Baristas target market is 1. The target audience could be 20- 60 yrs of age SEC A1 A2, B1 B Gender- male , female Having identified the target market and on the basis of the characteristics we can hone down to the following aspects that must be considered while determining the communication objective for Barista: 1. [...]

[...] IMPLEMENTATION PLAN The following discusses about the implementation plan for each of the marketing communication mix elements as identified for brand building for Barista in the previous section. Advertising: Before designing the advertising campaign for Barista, the message that needs to deliver about the brand through advertisement needs to be designed. It would involve following three elements: Style of the Message: Style of the message would be value service provider and attention seeker. Tone of the message: The tone of the message would be lively but serious. [...]

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