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Bass Model

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  1. Introduction
  2. Model development
    1. Assumptions of the bass
    2. Model collaboration
  3. Application and analysis
    1. Output
  4. References

Most Companies recognize that a continuing stream of new product developments is essential to ensure long term organisational health, but they also recognize that innovation is accompanied by high cost and risks. These risks can be controlled through a well-conceived and professionally managed program of new product development. Presumably a new product is introduced by a company when a favorably estimate has been made of its future sales, profits and other impacts on the firm's objectives. New products sales are shaped by many factors, including the size of the potential market, the nature of competition and the company's marketing plan and resources. The appropriate sales-forecasting model varies with the type of new product situation. The timing of new product/ technology entry into a marketplace is an important and often a critical decision. An entry too early may risk pushing an underdeveloped product into the marketplace with the type of negative results. However a product may also sacrifice sales if the entry is delayed for a long time.

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