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Brand and the crisis

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  1. Brands threaten?
  2. How brands change their communication
    1. Price
    2. Reassure customers
    3. Bet on the humor
    4. Develop brand community

The crisis has modified the habits of consumption of everyday life. However, for three years, people in France were talking about problems with their purchase power. They saw that prices were growing faster than their incomes. The crisis has just sped up in this phenomenon. This feeling of loosing purchase power is not exclusively perceived by people which represent the poorest states of the society but by almost everybody. And 83% think prices have risen more. And amazingly there are three main responsible for that according to the customers. The government is just occupying the third position with 75% of votes. The two responsible almost ex-aequo are the mass-market (92%) retailing and the brands (91%). The brands seem to be a good designed target. The mass-market retailing is the first in the consumers' mind but they have no other choice than carry on going there for shopping. Brands saw their sales decreasing in the last three or four years and more, since the beginning of the crisis. We can raise some questions. How do brands react to that? How to change a consumer's mind? Is there some brand which plays the game well?

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