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Brands and sports sponsorships

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  1. Understanding Sports Sponsorship
    1. Definitions
    2. Sports sponsorship and brand proximity
  2. Sports sponsorship assets
    1. Brand awareness
    2. Brand Image
    3. Sports sponsorship and mass communication
  3. Limits of sports sponsorship and dangers for the brand
    1. Memorization
    2. Sport uncertainty
    3. Sport ethics

Sports sponsorship is a young discipline that barely existed in the European marketing communication until the beginning of the 1990s. At the time, it was strictly restricted to the placing of logos in media which are sports related, aiming to increase the visibility and the recognition of the brand. In many different fields, brands are now increasingly using sports sponsorship as a marketing strategic tool, which has evolved a lot. Sports sponsorship can be commonly defined as, 'a financial or material support brought to an event, a federation, or a sport team by an announcer partner in exchange for different forms of visibility'. Sponsorship is in this way a particular way to transfer many messages in the eye of the consumer. From a business perspective, the interest in Sponsorship in general and sports sponsorship in particular is easily noticeable.

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