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Business communication: Miller Lite

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  1. Executive summary.
  2. Introduction.
  3. The problem of Miller Brewing Company.
  4. The issue of Miller Lite.
    1. A communication issue.
    2. The objectives.
  5. Plan of action.
    1. Creating a long-term strategy with clear objectives.
    2. Invest in a new advertising campaign.
  6. Recommendations.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. References.

After many years without a strategy, Miller Brewing Company, the second largest brewer in America has to react. It is high time they developed a structured marketing plan to position Miller Lite as a reference in light beer segment. To achieve this mission, Miller Lite image has to change in order to adapt to new consumers and new trends. It implies a huge investment in terms of time, money and open-minded spirit. Miller Lite overall goal is a marketing and communication problem. Indeed, a marketing strategy should be improved with a good target and also with the reinforcement of knowledge and experience. In 2003, Miller Lite was number two in Low-Carb Beer with Bud Light as number one and Coors Light behind Miller Lite. The strategy must be created all over the low-carb trends. Miller Lite has to redefine the target and to develop the brand. The company has to define its target audience, to make a good promotion on choosing appropriate media channels in order to appeal to its target market. Then Miller Lite has to control the results in order to see the evolution thanks to this plan of action.

[...] Communication goals were established to ensure Miller Lite ?outshout? competitive weight levels. A tough job to do given it's one of the most highly cluttered environments. The total media expenditures can reach about $20 million. Thanks to a good advertising campaign, the audience will recognize the product and will want to taste it. It will allow increasing appeal of the product and breaking strongly the old image. Control the results During and after the advertising campaign, the company has to control the effects of the campaign: efficiency (evolution of sales), well targeted, well perceived (women and men buy), better reputation, better image Qualitative and quantitative researches might be implemented to check if the objectives are reached and if the strategy was well prepared. [...]

[...] Indeed Bud Light has seen his weakness and Miller Lite have the advantage to have the low-carb composition: Miller Lite has lower carbs than Bud Light. In coherence with the target, women and men who wanted to live a healthy lifestyle can now live happily by drinking the low-carb Miller Lite. As Miller Lite has significantly fewer carbs than its primary competitors (Bud Light), Miller Lite tasted great too: this is the creation of the best of both worlds. Actually, it would be a great opportunity for Miller Lite to use the comparison strategy front of its competitors. [...]

[...] Then Miller Lite has to control the results in order to see the evolution thanks to this plan of action. This new strategy will keep current consumers and will catch new customers. Thanks to a better brand awareness, revenue will increase. All efforts from Miller Brewing Company have to be driven by this new corporate policy, oriented to image and clients. Introduction With the launch of Miller Lite in the 70's, Miller Brewing Company settles the base of the light beer market and became the leader in this category. [...]

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