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Can the sector of tourism contribute to the development of Africa?

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Tourism has become a leading global industry and has played a major role in the development of a continent. It contributes to the enhancement of the cultural heritage and culture of a country. According to figures provided by the WTO (World Tourism Organization), Africa has attracted 36.7 million visitors, an increase of 10.1% compared to 2004.

However, it is important to be careful about the conclusions that can be drawn because these figures include all types of travel: business travel, leisure tourism and travel of expatriates who are returning home.

We will study the tourism sector, the different concepts it encompasses in through Africa and then we will see the strengths and weaknesses of the African continent and eventually the future of a troubled continent.

By definition, tourism is a shift away from home for a period exceeding 24 hours but less than 4 months and according to three basic patterns: displacement of leisure, business or leisure.

Tourism appears as a wealth builder. The competition around the tourism sector demonstrates that the sector is growing and continues to stir a lot of money. The airlines grow, hotels are increasing. The figures show that tourists have more time and want to travel more often.
A growth industry ? the UNWTO figures show that the average growth of tourism was 4.3% per year, which puts the sector in third place before the oil and automobile rates growth.

Tags: tourism sector, growth of tourism sector, development of African continent

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