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Caroll’s introduction to the Chinese middle market

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The 7 Ps.
    1. Product.
    2. Place.
    3. Price.
    4. Promotion.
    5. People.
    6. Process.
    7. Physical evidence.
  3. Caroll's SWOT analysis.
  4. Ansoff matrix.
  5. Conclusion.

Fashion market is a very important market with a turnover of 26 Billion euros. This market is characterized by a steady general turnover over the last 15 years with decreasing average prices. Effectively, prices have decreased contrary to sales. As we are in a consumption society, fashion market has followed the consumer's expectations. Today, a woman prefers buying two cheap tops more than an expensive one. Women are acting like that because of fashion. In the past, a fashion period, a fashion wave lasted five or six years. Today, a fashion period only last few months, that is to say two or three months. This is the reason why consumer is able to buy new clothes every month. Thanks to the average price which has decreased in the past few years and buying clothes every month has become possible. In addition, to attract consumers every month, manufacturers have to be very reactive to meet consumer expectations. In order to propose attractive prices, fashion houses had to reduce their production costs. This motivation drives the manufacturers to become bigger than before, to produce more to decrease the final prices, without decreasing their benefits.

[...] Effectively, Caroll wants to introduce the Chinese middle market with the same range of products. About the Chinese market introduction, we can say that Caroll suffers from some weaknesses. First of all, Caroll hasn't got any experience of the Chinese market. We know that it should be more difficult for a French brand to introduce the Chinese market than the Spanish one. Market rules are totally different and this lack of experience may be a weakness. In addition, Caroll has no special policy for Chinese market . [...]

[...] To analyse the launch of Caroll over the Chinese market, we'll develop the marketing plan of the firm. A SWOT analysis will be relevant to evaluate the strengths and the weaknesses of the firm in the market. We will lay the emphasis on the threats and the opportunities that Caroll have for the future. What's more, we will include some models such as the Boston Box, the Portfolio matrix, etc . In order to begin the demonstration, we will pay attention to the 7 Ps to understand well the position of Caroll's products over the market. [...]

[...] In addition, to be present in town centers show that the firm sells delicate products. The second type of sites where Caroll is present is the commercial centers. Effectively, commercial centers are the leaders in dealing clothes all over the France, that's the reason why Caroll has decided to be present there. Caroll is present in commercial centers through two different retail points: through a normal store or through a corner. A corner is a sort of stand in a big retail point (for example, Caroll has got a corner in the Printemps, a very big general retailer in Lille). [...]

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