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Case study: Lexus and partners Andrews Alridge, the launch of the Lexus LS 460

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Marketing objectives and strategy.
    1. Situation analysis of Lexus Brand.
    2. Objectives.
    3. Lexus LS 460's target market.
    4. Proposition to the target audience.
  3. Communications plan.
    1. Choice of the media and reasons.
    2. Estimated results and response management.
    3. Summation.
    4. Fulfillment and response management.
    5. Communication schedule explication.
    6. Testing.
    7. Content of the database.
    8. Information.
    9. Data protection.
    10. Which dealership?
    11. Picture of the prospect.
  4. Creative approach.
    1. How to communicate features and benefits of the LS460.
    2. product.
    3. Creative positioning.
    4. Study of the creative approach.
    5. Full description.
  5. Budgeting and measurement.
    1. Total budget.
    2. Measurement of success.
  6. References.

Sakichi Toyoda became famous as the inventor of the automatic loom such as a non-stop shuttle change type Toyoda automatic loom. Following in his fathers footsteps, Kiichiro Toyoda devoted his life into the manufacturing of cars. He founded, in 1984, the Toyota motor corporation. Toyota is a Japanese family brand. Its head office is located in Toyota and Bunky? T?ky?. The main production plant is located in Japan, even though there are several other production centers all over the world. Toyota has 299 394 employees (in 2006) and has an annual turnover of 216 US$ billions. The most direct competitors of Toyota are Honda, Subaru, Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi Motors. One of the key factors in the success of Toyota is their production system and linking concepts such as the famous ?Toyotisme? or ?just in time?. In 2007, Toyota produced 2.348.000 cars and became the first world manufacturer by dethroning General motor, which had been number one for the past seventy-two years. It created its luxury brand Lexus to directly compete with German luxury car manufacturers BMW and Mercedes.

[...] The Lexus Survey shows that the best ways of communication for the target audience are Press Phoning and mail 32%[15]. That's why, the choices of communication is based on this result. Offer is also crucial, but also very difficult to testing the offer according of the type of product. LS 460 can not be testing like the other banal product because it is a high technologic product and Toyota's team already to this because testing the product is compulsory. Without this testing, the LS 460 can not be producing, but it is a special kind of testing. [...]

[...] References Contacts Sherry Law NUS Golf Club Secretary 1n Business Link Singapore 117592 + HP: + Singapore Neythal Road International Sales Representative Markono (printing company) Alexandra Lecoeuvre Barbara Lee The Business Times Advertisement Department + or + Singapore Litterature review Brian Thomas and Matthew Housden, Direct Marketing in Practice (2005) UK: Butterworth-Heinemann William Baue, Lexus Division of Toyota Motor Sales USA: Balance And Ball Bearing campaign (2000) Thomson Gale: Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns David Shepard Associates, The new Direct Marketing: How to implement a profit-driven Database Marketing Strategy, 3rd Edition (1999) McGraw-Hill Alan Tapp, Principles of Direct & Database Marketing (1998) Financial Times Profeessional Limited David Shepard Associates, The new Direct Marketing: How to implement a profit-driven Database Marketing Strategy, 3rd Edition (1999) McGraw-Hill Edward Nash, Direct Marketing, Strategy, Planning, Execution, 4th Edition (2000) McGraw-Hill Lisa Chittenden and Ruth Rettie, Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing (2003) Inform Global Websites November Alan Tapp, (1998). [...]

[...] To manage the process of de-duplication, Lexus company have to include planning, contact strategy, data processing, response handling, lead processing and campaign management and reporting. Which dealership? Using interactive potential of the internet to gather and respond to. For example, the prospect maybe willing to register for other information feeds on new releases, product modification and local dealer promotions. Also, the prospect would enter features of importance to him/her such as engine size, fuel type, saloon or estate, colour by using the internal design tool. [...]

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