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Case study of sales management: Design & Decoration

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Deco and design wanted to launch a range of printed switches in the French market (switch back and forth single, double, making, TV, phone jack). The peculiarity of this brand of switch is that they can be customized at will, over the reproduction of a scene made by a very innovative process based on three technologies, pad printing, laser marking and screen printing. Also this process is very fast and the reproduction of the set can be performed for a piece to mass production.

The switch is one of the most recurring items in every home, the French territory of more than 66,000 households, each with an average of 10 switches. What we can add a little over 7.5 million companies present on French soil, an average of switches significantly higher than households.

Thus, even with only small percentage of household, Deco & design easily finds potential buyers for its product. Indeed, the market for switches is a large market full of opportunities.
However, the element can overshadow the company with the arrival of home automation with the management of the ignition and the lights by passing an individual in a room.

Quantitative targets:
There are three types of quantitative targets:
- Objectives of sale:
- € 900 000 CA:
- € 400 000 in the GSS
- € 100 000 per area

Objectives of profitability: concept of margin, profitability, cost reduction
The objectives of activity:
- These are the actions to be implemented to achieve the sales target
- Number of visits clients, new clients, events, seminars

Tags: Technologies, pad printing, laser marking, potential buyers

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