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China, a new Eldorado of the luxury?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Panorama of world market wine start 2005
    1. Production potential icole lives worldwide
    2. In Europe
    3. The world
  3. The production Global wine
    1. Until 2004
    2. The primary producing countries ncipaux
  4. The evolution of perspectives
  5. The Global wine consumption training
    1. The situation until 2004
    2. Consumption of wines by continent
    3. The outlook
  6. Ed the international exchange
    1. Exports
    2. Imports
  7. Focus on the market of the french wine
    1. Classification and regulation in force on the ground with respect to France
    2. The wine categories
    3. The classification wines
    4. The organization of the sector
  8. Legislation
  9. Distribution
    1. The distribution channels
    2. Weight distribution channels in shopping
  10. Inventory
  11. French consumers
    1. Evolution of frequency energy use
    2. Why this lack of interest in wine in France?
    3. When the wine is consumed there in France?
    4. Factors consumer buying French
  12. Trade
    1. Exports
    2. Evolution of exports
    3. Exports by destination
  13. Imports
    1. Evolution of imports
    2. French origins of imports
  14. Global consumer expectation
    1. Consumer behavior and the opportunities available for French Wine exportations
    2. In Europe
    3. The United Kingdom
    4. Germany
    5. Denmark
    6. The American continent
    7. The United States
    8. Argentina
    9. Asia-Pacific
    10. New Zealand
    11. Australia
    12. China
  15. French wines are the vs. new world wines
    1. Two different ways of doing
    2. The competitive position of France
  16. Matrix interactions Opportunities / Threats, Strengths / Weaknesses
  17. The need for logic of brand
    1. The role of the brand in the wine
    2. From the perspective of the consumer
    3. From the standpoint of the producer
    4. From the perspective of the distributor
  18. The strategy
    1. The target
    2. The appellation system
    3. Upgrade the AOC
  19. The elements of the mix
    1. Product
    2. Distribution
    3. The price
    4. Promotion
  20. Conclusion

"Five years ago, luxury homes were very few in number. Today, everybody is present and their networks in mainland China are increasingly important." This quote from Jacques Penhirin, of the McKinsey management consulting firm, reflects the recent explosion of the industry of luxury in China.

Although it is concentrated in some neighborhoods of large cities like Beijing or Shanghai, the presence of all major global luxury brands is essential today in mainland China. Most of the luxury brands were already present for a long time in Hong Kong.

The general delegate of the Committee Colbert, which groups 69 French luxury houses, states: "China is in Japan's situation for a good ten years. It should become a major market where a strategy of seduction and conquest of our businesses takes place. "

China is inevitably a leading market for French and other international luxury brands. It is almost unthinkable for a brand of ready-to-wear, couture, cosmetics and even auto brands to stay away from a market like China.

One will have to see, how this demographic colossus of a billion people, officially one of the last communist countries in the world, that started its economic reforms only 30 years ago is often considered a ?Eldorado" for the luxury industry.

However, this essay will also examine the possible weaknesses of the Chinese model, weaknesses that in the longer term may prove dangerous for the luxury industry.

Few nations have changed as quickly and as dramatically as China since the 1970's. With nearly a quarter of the world population, China continues to promise to become the largest consumer market in the world.

A class example in large urban expansion, economic reforms and a continuing membership since 2001, the World Trade Organization considers this market as already huge even more attractive for foreign companies,first and foremost luxury companies.

Since the opening of China to the outside, the consumption habits of Chinese people have changed in their mindset and are now similar to those Westerners from large cities and especially to those in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The younger generation of urban dwellers is much more individualistic and self-centered the previous generations. This population is the main target of high-end products or imported goods. It has evolved along with the gradual opening of China to the outside world.

Tags: China, luxury industry, Chinese markets

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