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Commercial communication: strategy marketing, between H&M and ZARA

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  1. Introduction
  2. H&M: Fashion
    1. History
    2. Competitors
  3. Zara
    1. History
    2. A unique design
  4. Communication strategies
  5. Co-branding
  6. H&M and viral marketing
  7. Conclusion

It is almost impossible to meet a young woman who does not have a range, a top, a prop, or a gloss signed H & M. As the brand is present in most women's wardrobes, it was decided to analyze the Swedish clothing giant Hennes and Mauritz.

H & M (Hennes and Mauritz) is now present in the world, and this large chain of stores has become a reference for fashion that is affordable for all. Its principle is indeed simple: to offer fashion and quality at the best price.

Faced with such a constant expansion, it would be interesting to present and analyze the strategy of commercial communication and all communication tools of this distributor of clothing. How does one explain this success? To present the evolution of the brand communication, it will discuss in general about the brand, its history and its competitors in the first part, and in the second part, it will try to describe the communication strategy of the Swedish clothing giant.

Erling Persson founder of H&M the brand and creator of the brand slogan: "The height of fashion at low prices! "This has been the success of H & M. The ultimate goal is the brand new, new arrivals every week for clients that are new in making their shopping.

H & M employs more than 100 designers who, in collaboration witha team of 60 designers, 100 buyers and several managers,designing collections for women, men, children and youth. The purpose of the brand is to make collections for all and all very different to satisfy all their clients. For that it has a large service design and procurement responsible for creating the collections.

H & M has understood the need for the female, that is why the creation of clothing for women held more stylists, buyers and designers that they focus on the development of clothing for young people. Each additional team member has specific expertise needed to create collections.

It is noticed that H & M is a big advertiser. Indeed distributor spends 3.5% of its turnover to communication. For its advertising campaigns in France, H & M uses all available communication media: the display, daily newspapers, weekly and monthly, Internet,television commercials and film.

The business concept is the reference: "Fashion and quality at the best price," H & M, in fact,highlights the product and especially its price. So when one sees a poster, H & M clothing is presented on a woman for example, but the actual implementation before the product is its price.

To showcase its products, one will see that the brand uses celebrities without moderation. This helps to reinforce its image, then this is the price that is everything.

Advertising contributes enormously to the success of a brand through advertising campaigns, H & M was able to explain to consumers its concept, and it has played in its favor ever since and today the brand continues to develop throughout the world.

Good publicity but not limited to, the group presents the consumer withelegant stores, the best hospitality and good service.
It is very interesting to work on this mark since the group H & M is now growing and provides a large budget to a communication actually developed.

Tags: H&M, Swedish clothing giant, Advertising and communication for strategic marketing

[...] Viral marketing uses the tools of interpersonal communication to spread the message of the brand to a wide audience, quickly and affordably " H&M used the Buzz Marketing to promote its collections before the formalized collaboration between the Swedish company and the creator Karl Lagarfeld.The limited information on the collection and some photos were distributed to raise the temperature of target with a passion for fashion. This kind of collaboration, unveiling the least possible new collections was to create an expectation and a desire for discovery. [...]

[...] Its stores are mainly located in major commercial areas of cities in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, offering a fashion inspired by the taste, desires and lifestyle of the modern women. All stores have been designed to immerse the customer in a special atmosphere where the purchase of fashion is associated with an element of fun. Zara: A unique design The clothing offered at Zara is inspired by the great couturiers and adapted from materials that are less noble and less expensive. [...]

[...] H&M also opted for the displays we see below: Unfortunately and despite numerous and extensive research, we could not find the media plan adopted by H&M for the by Madonna" campaign. Communication policy The communication policy of H&M is based primarily on strengthening the brand. Why does H&M use integrated communication? So that all customers can receive the same messages in the store openings in campaigns and commercials. The stores have a main information channel for H&M striving to maintain constant communication with customers during the visit or purchase. [...]

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