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Communication Theory: Broken Down

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  1. The definitions of theory
  2. Purposes of theory
  3. Classical types of theory
  4. Human nature
  5. Four research strategies for understanding theory
  6. Traditional theories within communications
  7. Social psychological
  8. Cybernetic
  9. Rhetorical
  10. Semiotic
  11. Socio cultural
  12. Critical
  13. Phenomenological
  14. Ethical
  15. Conclusion
  16. Works cited

Truth is the underlying layer to all human actions. Truth is the deciding factor of integrity (honesty) and it is what we yearn for and seek after like nothing else. Theory, on the other hand, is the outer layer of truth, sort of like the very beginnings of peeling back an onion. As time progresses we begin to see that this onion (like the theories we believe in) can sometimes turn into the core truth that our lives are situated on. Theory can be understood better and as a result we can use our understanding to better our worldview and our concept on truth. But first we must understand the definition.

[...] Rhetorical Rhetorical tradition is a very influential form of communication because powerful verbal leaders can make quite the impact. Rhetorical communication uses devices such as ?repetition, alliteration and metaphors? (Griffin p. 26). Illustrious leaders such as Martin Luther King and various Greek and Roman leaders have used rhetorical communication to get their points across and to influence the way people process their thoughts. Semiotic Semiotic tradition is the process of, ?sharing meaning through signs? (Griffin p. 23). Signs are everywhere and when we, as human beings (animals work off of signs as well but not understandable symbols), use signs alongside our communication devices we can become more effective speakers/ listeners. [...]

[...] Communication at its lowest state is simply one human being expressing their opinions, truths or thoughts to another human being. This could be done through hand motions, body language, and talk or written words. However, there are eight ?traditions' that are held today as eyes to the soul of communication. Today's fast-paced nature has made the world of communication AD-HD and as a result we must navigate these eight traditions to completely get a grasp on total communication. Social Psychological Social psychological tradition ?epitomizes the scientific or objective perspective? (Griffin p. [...]

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