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Consumerism in Morocco

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  1. Introduction
  2. Definition
  3. Historical overview
  4. The causes of the emergence of consumerism
  5. Consumerism and security
  6. The legislative side in Morocco
    1. The price and advertising
    2. The relationship association / state
    3. Barriers to the turning of the lawsuit
    4. How to restore equality between professional and consumer contract?
  7. Conclusion

Consumerism is a movement to defend the interests of consumers, which ensures that the products or services are subject to appropriate information and helps streamline purchasing behavior. According to P.Kotler "consumerism is a social movement that seeks to increase the rights and power of buyers' vis-à-vis the sellers." According to Perrier, "it is a social movement that aims to change the relationship between the company and the consumer so as to increase their power"

2 - Historical Overview

? In Europe

? The newspaper "the consumer" published a poster with the motto "I spend therefore I am".
? The General Confederation of consumption (1927).
? The federal union of consumption in France in 1951

? America

At the same time, consumerism was becoming more active. On May 15, 1962: JF Kennedy recognized four consumer rights:

? The right to security;
? The right to be informed;
? The right to choose;
? The right to be heard.

In 1966, Ralph Nader and the Corvair proved to consumers that they could impose their will on businesses.

3 - The causes of the emergence of consumerism

?The abuse of weakness

It is common in our society to see a vendor or service provider take unscrupulous advantage of the ignorance or physical, moral, or economic weakness of a person to entice him to make commitments which are clearly inappropriate to his needs or means. This is what is known in legal terms as abuse of weakness or vulnerability. (Example: The insurance contracts).

?The consumer scam

There is no legal definition of a consumer scam. It is generally characterized by providing a product or service which does not comply with consumer expectations according to a certain strategy, and the execution of a commitment obtained by artifice, deceit or trickery.

Tags: Morocco , consumerism, laws and rights of consumers

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