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Consumers perception of scented brands

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  1. Introduction
  2. Study design
  3. From recognition to pleasantness
  4. Affection and activation
  5. How it makes one feel
  6. Your scent, your brand
  7. Sector analysis
  8. Conclusions

It is widely accepted that olfaction is a special sense for several reasons. The sense of smell is closely connected to the amigdala, which process emotions, and the hippocampus, which processes memories. That's why smell can bring up memories long forgotten, pleasant or not. This special feature of smell has, thus, an enormous marketing potential, and is being used by several well known brands. This report presents the results of a study about scented places in Portugal. The main goal was to understand how consumers perceived scents and scented places. This goal aimed at: ?Identify the level of the scent recognition ?Measure the degree of pleasure or well?being induced by the scent ?Understand how consumers describe scents On the other hand, the survey tried to depict possible associations between scents and brands, namely measure the degree of coherence between the brand and scent perception

[...] CONSU C UMERS' PERCE EPTION N OF SCENTED D BRANDS HOW CO ONSUMERS PERC CEIVE SCE ENTS AND SCENT TED PLAC CES Pedro Ferrei ira Profess sor of Consume er Behaviour Portuguese Ins stitute of Marketing Managem ment Copyrigh ht 2011 by Pedro Ferreira This w work is licensed under the Crea ative Commons s Attribution?No onCommercial 3.0 Unported L License. To view w a copy of this license, visit http://creativeco censes/by?nc/3. [...]

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